Poll: Voters Want Trump To Respect State Marijuana Laws

The FDR New Dealer who launched the “War on Drugs.” But that’s big government for you.

Drugs are supposed to be an issue left to the states. That is the constitutional position in our estimation. The prohibitionists had to pass an amendment to outlaw booze. Other drugs were basically declared illegal federally by an overreaching Roosevelt administration in the 1930s by fiat. The Feds knew they couldn’t pass an amendment so they just imposed cannabis prohibition. This of course expanded the power of the federal government and gave the government an excuse to poke around in everything like it had during alcohol prohibition.

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Magic Mushrooms May Hold Key to Long-Term Anxiety Relief in Clinical Settings (But the Drug War hampers progress)

“Mushroom” study at Johns Hopkins

I debated whether to post this article but obviously I decided to.

There is very real evidence that many of the drugs that have been demonized in years past, particularly psychedelics, have tremendous potential for alleviating human suffering. Many of these same very powerful drugs of course have great potential for abuse and harm also. But because of bureaucratic stupidity mixed with the innate American tendency toward Puritanism progress in researching these substances has been hindered unnecessarily.

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Trump Picks Marijuana Opponent For Health Secretary

It’s OK. Life will still go on in a world where pot is totally legal. Business will be done. People will still go to church. Families will still gather for dinner. It will be OK. There will be less crime though.

Cannabis should be legal. I’m sorry my socially conservative friends, but it should be. In a country that prides itself on liberty and freedom no one should be going to jail for weed.

You know who likes illegal pot?

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The DEA’s Contrived Kratom Crisis

The puritans and the cronies join together all the time to restrict the freedom and liberty of Americans.

Drugs should be a non-issue in the USA. Free people have a right to treat themselves and yes, even indulge themselves as they see fit. We are supposed to be a free people. This is supposed to be a free country.

There is so much good that could be done with psychedelics, marijuana, kratom, other restricted drugs, in terms of treatment.

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Big Pharma Lobbies To Keep People Hooked On Opioids?

I read sometime in the last year that the pharmaceutical lobby is widely thought to be the most powerful lobby in Washington.

Consider that for a moment. More powerful than oil and gas, more powerful than the lawyers, more powerful than the banks. Pharma is the biggest dog on K Street.

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White House Will Have To Justify Kratom Ban

Earlier we reported on the upcoming DEA induced kratom ban. Kratom is an herb that helps some with anxiety and pain and has helped others reduce opiod dependence. Even still the government is about to make kratom a Schedule 1 substance, a completely banned drug. Cocaine in comparison is a Schedule 2 drug. One can technically get a prescription for cocaine. One can technically research the therapeutic effects of cocaine.

Why is the DEA moving in this direction?

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DEA banning yet another substance that might help people with opioid dependence

Kratom is a plant that grows in South East Asia. It is commonly used in teas and reportedly produces a calming effect on the drinker. It has also been used by those dependent on opioids and alcohol to lessen the intake of these drugs. But now the DEA is placing kratom on Schedule 1, essentially banning its use in the United States. Legal heroin, Oxycodone, will remain legal however. (Of course.)

Why does the federal government meddle in such things?

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Poll: for first time, more Republicans support marijuana legalization than oppose it

Good. Sometimes it takes a lot of sunshine to cut through the clouds. Sometimes its has to shine down for years, and then, one day, a break of blue sky.

Illegal marijuana is crony marijuana. Illegal marijuana, or more properly – cannabis – benefits drug dealers, government bureaucrats, the prison systems, the lawyers, and in principle federally illegal pot appears to violate the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, the document so many of us would like to see taken seriously again.

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