FDA Defies Congress, Slips Money to Hospitals, and Stiffs Consumers

It is important for Americans to understand that the FDA is in partnership with industry. The two giants work together. What may appear to be some consumer friendly “reform” almost always ends up benefiting some company or group of companies. The FDA is a deeply crony agency. In fact facilitating cronyism is a key part (if not THE key part) of its mission.

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Legal marijuana causes Mexican drug cartel revenues to plummet

I am doing this post in the District of Columbia where recreational cannabis is legal. Guess what? The sun still rises in the east and sets in the west. Business is done. People work out. Kids go to school. ATMs still work. Water still flows downhill. Politicians yammer on like they always have. Cheech and Chong are nowhere to be seen. Life goes on – even with legal weed. Same thing in Colorado. Same thing in Washington State.

In the Land of the Free no one should go to jail for using marijuana.

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Clinton tops 2016 field in drug industry donations (By a lot)

But…But…But… I thought Hilary didn’t like the pharmaceutical companies. I thought they didn’t like her either. Hmmm.

When asked in the first Democratic presidential debate for an example of a political enemy, she named the drug companies. That was the word: “enemy.”

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DEA chief: Medicinal marijuana is a ‘joke’ (Doesn’t mention that keeping pot illegal means billions of taxpayer dollars for his agency)

This is bureaucratic turf defense dressed up as public policy, as it almost always is. And in this case the head of the DEA Chuck Rosenberg is doing particular harm. Because the head of the DEA knows that the trend toward legalization of cannabis threatens his agency, he continues a defense which most people know at this point is just false. (He probably knows it’s false.) Of course cannabis has medical applications. From epilepsy, to cancer, to wasting disease,

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Ben Carson Wants to “Intensify” the War on Drugs

The War on Drugs is fundamentally a war on the American people. It is a disastrous policy which likely has ruined many more lives than drugs have. The “war” is also deeply crony. The main reason drugs remain illegal – mostly – is because large vested economic interests want it that way. The police, the DEA, various other law enforcement agencies, lawyers, treatment centers (in some cases), drug companies (in many cases), illegal drug dealers (who go out of business with liberalized drug laws) all have their bread buttered to a greater or lesser extent by the drug war.

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DEA Employees Fail Drug Tests, Shockingly Face No Serious Consequences (We’re not shocked.)

The Huffington Post says, “shockingly.” I am in no way shocked. I doubt many of our readers are either. If one works for the government, even if one is charged with enforcing drug laws and one is caught using drugs, the chances of being fired are slim. Very slim. More people should know about the completely ridiculous level of “job security” federal employees enjoy. Remember, you pay for them. (Which is why accountability is in such short supply.

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Coca-Cola Ends Financial Sponsorship of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

In other news Phillip Morris is sponsoring the Olympic marathon team. (Not really.)

I like a good cold Coke on a hot summer day as much as the next person, but the stuff isn’t healthy. Not that it need be for Coke to sponsor the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, but there is some dissonance there.

Sugar is not unlike a drug in many respects. Some people think it is a drug. For some people it can be addictive like a drug that’s for sure.

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Drug of choice for (some) DEA Agents? Prostitutes

In March we did a post on drug cartel funded orgies (or “sex parties,” whatever) in which DEA agents participated. But it seems this wasn’t an isolated or even a group of isolated incidents. The DEA has a long history with hookers it appears. One “high ranking” DEA official even had prostitutes at his going away party.

But don’t light up a joint.

And get this, the head of the DEA says because of federal employee rules she couldn’t fire any of the guys who engaged in this behavior.

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Legal US Weed Is Killing Drug Cartels

It makes sense. We have argued for a long time that ending pot prohibition would do much to reduce crime.

Marijuana is by far the illicit drug of choice in the USA. Even though weed is relatively bulky, smells like a skunk crossing and so is easily detected, it remains number 1.

Legalize the market, legitimize the market, and the prohibition inflated profits (and incentive) go away.

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The War on Drugs: 100 Years of Failure?

The War on Drugs is now 100 years old. It’s caused unfathomable heartache. It’s fattened the wallets of police departments and drug dealers alike. We have prisons full of people there because of drugs. Lives have been torn apart. Families have been torn apart. Countries have been torn apart.

The War on Drugs has made a mockery of the Constitution. Do you think the founders ever envisioned the police digging through the possessions of American citizens in a search for intoxicants?

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Mayor of Mexican city the alleged mastermind behind “disappearance” of 43 students, Mexico erupts

We have corruption in the United States. It is pervasive and it is at all levels of government. Billions and billions are stolen from taxpayers both legally and illegally. Occasionally there is even political violence. But what is unfolding in the country to our south is just evil.

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