Justice Department to end Obama-era ‘Operation Choke Point’

“Operation Choke Point” was one of the most crony programs of Obama’s deeply crony 8 years. (Why are some people still surprised when Obama’s cronyism is pointed out? It’s weird.)

Choke Point was about putting pressure on banks to stop doing business with legitimate businesses, like gun manufacturers etc. And the banks largely complied because they got their bailout a few years ago and because they didn’t want the Feds breathing down their necks.

It was crony bullying from the Justice Department and thankfully this horrible scheme is now dead.

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The “Diversity” Memo Rocking Google: Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber

Google, Huffpo, Yahoo News. This is “diversity.” 
See some went to one of the lesser Ivys (probably Brown or Penn) a couple went to Georgetown. One went to UC Davis.

The above (pic) is a big part of the problem. If an organization is going to preach “diversity” it needs to walk the walk. And key to ACTUAL diversity is diversity of opinion. But like many universities many of America’s largest companies (particularly in tech) do not want ACTUAL diversity.

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The $2 Million (taxpayer funded) Bathroom (VIDEO)

It’s half because of stupid rules and half because of connected contractors (and others) on the take. This bathroom was built with union labor at artificially high rates of pay.

Government does not care that the money for these projects, which always run over projected (already high) costs, comes from taxpayers who earned the money and then had to give it to the government. Governments just don’t care. They don’t respect the taxpayers – who have little power versus connected interests.

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Aetna CEO: Obamacare ‘cannot be repealed, period’

Image: CNBC

The insurance company CEO has spoken. So there you go. Obamcare shows its true face. Crony from the begining.

The insurance companies want their Obamcare bailout, and at this point they seriously think they might be able to get one.

The insurance companies wrote Obamacare in partnership with the Obama White House and a Dem Congress. They pushed it through in the face of massive resistance from the American people and with some very questionable parliamentary gymnastics before Scott Brown was able to take his seat in the Senate.

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The Fascist Threat

From 2012 by a friend of Against Crony Capitalism. If you really want to understand crony capitalism (and fascism) read this piece. It’s long. It’s challenging. But it is high quality reading.

Fascism is real. It is here. And it is not what many people think it is.

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LA Times: Remember all those left-wing pundits who drooled over Venezuela?

First The Washington Post sounds halfway rational on the minimum wage issue. And now this from the LA Times?

Remember folks, and this is one of the few economic/political axioms out there, socialism always fails because it is based on falsehood fundamentally. Particularly false PRICES. And the degree to which socialism fails (eventually) correlates directly to the amount of socialism instituted. The bigger the socialism, the bigger the ultimate failure.

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‘Liberal’ Washington Post: $15/hour minimum wage will put people out of work, hurt poorest people

“We don’t understand basic economics!!!! Fight for 15!!!!”

Well, you don’t say…

Hey, if you still want to blow up your community (and hurt poor people especially) with a $15/hour minimum wage you go right ahead. But when things head inevitably south, and likely quickly, just remember that you were warned multiple times. This time even by The Washington Post.

(From The Washington Post)

According to the 146-page report by Philadelphia-based consulting group PFM,

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Britain should become a “tax haven” post Brexit but the establishment fears unleashing wealth, annoying German dominated EU

Oh, wouldn’t that be smart? Britain as tax haven is a brilliant idea. Right off the coast of heavily taxed and bureaucratic “Europe.” Just smart.

The problem is Britain has too many full on Marxists in its bowels. The statists might be dark pink here in the US. In the UK they are straight up red as a rose. And even (and perhaps especially) those in dark blue and pin stripes have a profound affinity for the state.

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Trump Bumping and end of Obama era relief: U.S. Companies Post Profit Growth Not Seen in Six Years

Trump bump? To a large degree yes.

Obviously Trump has his issues – to say the least – but the uptick in the ersatz economy (the one that most of us live in until reality inevitably hits and overwhelms the fakery) is about American optimism inspired to some degree by Trump, but as much as anything by relief that Obama is adios. The people who make things, who grow the economy had little confidence in Obama. The media had confidence,

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