How Starbucks raised wages (in response to minimum wage pressures) but likely has reduced overall wages paid out

Starbucks is one of my wife’s favorite companies in the world. I enjoy their products too. They always have good coffee and if one is going to have coffee it’s only enjoyable if it’s good. I am thankful to have fairly ready access to their stores in and around my little town.

But there are limits to how much I will pay for a cup of well brewed joe. Even good coffee is only SO good. It’s great that you want to pay Aiden $15.00/hour but I’m not going to buy a $10.00 latte.

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Digby Jones On Brexit: “The great British public have put their democratic freedom ahead of money.” (VIDEO)

Yes and no. The public in voting to leave the EU did stare down the fear mongers in the banks, unions, government, and media which told them that the world would explode if Briton dared think for itself. So yes, in that way.

But also no. I think many Britons know that the EU is a sinking ship in many respects and think their economic prospects over the medium to long term are much better without Brussels holding them back.

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Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch recently met on Lynch’s plane at a Phoenix airport?

This is totally not weird or anything. A totally normal and a reasonable thing for the Attorney General to do given that the DOJ is currently investigating Bill Clinton’s wife, who just happens to be the Democratic nominee for president. No biggie.

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Yet more indignance from CNN on Brexit, This time from Christian Amanpour, She loses it (VIDEO)

More finger waving from the establishment mouthpieces. Again just watch the body language. They still can’t believe that they lost. And they so want to call the Brexiteers a bunch of racists. They think it’s their trump card (so to speak.) But the PC bat is splintering these days. That all of Britain should stay locked in bureaucratic hell and lose control over its own laws because people like Amanpour think that giving the finger to Brussels is racist is idiotic.

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US law professor exposes system that makes a profit from poverty

Consider that one of the classic forms of “welfare” in this country is also absolutely a form of corporate welfare too – food stamps. Many big corporations owe a large part of their bottom lines to these programs. In some places one can even buy McDonalds and other fast food directly with EBT cards. Years ago we did a story on how JPMorgan has EBT servicing contracts with states worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Add in Walmart and other discount stores that see immense flows from government programs and one begins to see the picture.

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The Express: European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations ‘to be morphed into one’ post-Brexit

Many have long argued that a “United States of Europe” was the end goal of the European Union. Now this goal, once spoken about in hushed tones is more out in the open.

Long have many in Europe resented the power of the USA. (Which frankly in some ways is understandable. Though Europe is also full of friends of America too.) The euro was established to counter the dollar as a potential reserve currency and petro currency. Now the challenge is more than just economic,

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YIKES: Brazilian police greet tourists with ‘Welcome to Hell’ sign at Rio airport #Olympicfeverzika

I believe the only modern Olympics to make money were the 1984 LA Games. Generally speaking the Olympics are an economic hole. Tossing such a burden onto the back of a developing country like Brazil while it finds itself mired in the worst economic depression in a century might not be such a good idea. (They did ask for it of course.) Heck, even some of the athletes are bailing on Rio at this point.

(From The Independent)

Some 300 police held a rally on Monday rallied to protest unpaid wages and unsatisfactory working conditions.

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Taibbi: If you believe there’s such a thing as “too much democracy,” you probably don’t believe in democracy at all

Matt Taibbi is one of those people I put in the “principled liberal” camp. (And I do consider him a “liberal” in the good sense if not the classical sense.) He and I often disagree on important issues but the guy has a keen eye for injustice and has done an excellent job of pulling back the curtain on the Wall Street wing of the crony class. (And the City of London also.) He offers a very reasonable and reasoned analysis of Brexit below.

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Kremlin Gets Flashback of Soviet Collapse in Brexit Fallout

As we said in an earlier post, the guys running the show in Eastern Bloc countries weren’t happy when the Berlin Wall came down. Likewise the apparatchiks of various sorts deeply embedded in and often reliant on the European Union system have had heart attacks in the face of Brexit.

Brexit is not on par with the collapse of communism however. The end of the Cold War was more than surprising, or even mind blowing,

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Gary Johnson: UK rejected ‘crony capitalism’ with Brexit


(From The Hill)

“The EU has, for some time, been pulling Britain down a path to unsustainable entitlements and away from the opportunities the free market offers. That voters rejected that path is not surprising.”

He also pushed back against experts who claim that the move will lead to disaster for the U.K. economy.

“The sky is not falling, and when the dust settles, Britain’s decision may very well prove to be a pivotal event in the reshaping of global relationships and trade that will,

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