Post-BREXIT Britain has world’s ‘top economy’

The predictions by the “remain” camp prior to the Brexit vote were dire. A “leave” vote would trigger a recession in the UK if not the world. Companies would pack up and leave Britain for the EU en masse. Life as Britons knew it would end.

In a sense the fear mongers were right. Life did change for Britons, but for the better.

I wonder why the economy would react positively to the prospect of being cut loose of the crony monster in Brussels?

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Beltway robber baron (and swamp thing) Elon Musk already infiltrating Trump administration

Trump needs to be careful. It seems like he’s hanging out with a quite a few “swamp things” these days. Of course it should be remembered that Trump often used crony tools to his advantage such as eminent domain. So he may not even see these folks as swamp things. But he should.

Cronies play a strange game. It’s mixture of straight power, seduction, assumed privilege, and back scratching. It’s an ugly, big government game.

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“I went all in for Bernie,” she said. “But the DNC burned him, so I went off the plantation to become a deplorable.”

This is an interesting article because it hints of the tectonic shifts going on in the electorate. Some shifts, like Pennsylvania going Republican are obvious. Others are much more subtle, the result of quiet movements in political magma bubbling under the surface.

In the attached article, Politico (being Politico) makes sure to trot out the already tired memes of Tumptist racism. The article also perpetuates the “Steve Bannon is a ‘white nationalist’” bit. (Which for the record,

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Guess what? Rex Tillerson, Exxon CEO and likely next Secretary of State likes carbon taxes


It should be noted that the above speech was given before the fracking revolution really got started. This revolution was arguably the key reason why carbon emissions have gone down in the USA over the last half decade. Fracking has made natural gas abundant and cheap. Natural gas generates much less carbon than coal. Natural gas plants are better, as far as carbon goes, for the environment.

But what happens if the government comes to rely on carbon as a revenue source?

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