Fed official in effect says that competition and lower prices for consumers are bad for the economy and must be offset by Fed policy!

Yeah, I mean who wants lower prices and a higher standard of living anyway right? Screw that. We want higher prices and less for each dollar we earn. That’s much better.

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To Really ‘Make America Great Again,’ End the Fed!


Former Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Richard Fisher recently gave a speech identifying the Federal Reserve’s easy money/low interest rate policies as a source of the public anger that propelled Donald Trump into the White House. Mr. Fisher is certainly correct that the Fed’s policies have “skewered” the middle class. However, the problem is not specific Fed policies, but the very system of fiat currency managed by a secretive central bank.

Federal Reserve-generated increases in money supply cause economic inequality.

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The Fed’s Monetary Politburo Is Finally Catching Some Flack

One of the reasons I so enjoy Ron Paul (and there are many reasons) is because he raised the Federal Reserve as an issue in the eyes of the public. The Fed would have been very pleased to stay just as it was, a collection of supposed economic wizards gathered around the monetary cauldron in the Eccles Building. Obscured from view. In the shadows, where the “secrets of the temple” were shared with a select few and in hushed and important tones.

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Abolish the Fed: Why No Presidential Candidate Will Bring It Up

Abolishing the Fed shouldn’t really be considered a radical idea. Increasingly it is not.

More people understand the underpinnings of the Fed, why it exists (as a backstop for the banks) and are aware of its century of failures than ever before. Saying this however, many many more people need to really learn about the Fed for progress to be made.

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Ron Paul: The Fed ‘hurts people’ with easy money

There was a time when the “prosperous middle class,” not typically rich people, could put a nest egg (or a good chunk of a nest egg) into certificates of deposit and at least expect that the money would beat the rate of inflation. I met many of these people in another life. They weren’t the most savvy of investors but they were typically disciplined, had good credit, and had more often than not spent a lifetime working hard. That $200,000 in the bank (or a couple of banks) constituted their life savings and if these folks were wise,

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This Is The Real Reason For The War On Cash

As we said in the previous post, the War On Cash is a war for power. (Like pretty much every war is.) On one side are the central planners, governments, central banks. On the other side is the rest of the world.

The central planners see that their vast experiment post-2008 is failing. As such they are getting desperate. The planners are increasingly of the opinion that the real problem is that they don’t have tight enough control over the world economy (let that sink in) and that cash in the hands of everyday people is a danger to their centralized regime.

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Did Your Senators Vote to Audit the Fed?

Here’s another list to cross check with whether your senator voted “yea” on the Omnibus bill.

I look at it this way. We are starting to get a very clear picture of who is on what side of the great crony debate. Those who think that the status quo can continue, even at this late date, need a wake up call in November.

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An area of cooperation? Bernie Sanders wants to rein in the Federal Reserve too (sort of)

Of course some of his proposals are not in line with what we’d want of course. But there are areas of public policy where small government people and people like Bernie Sanders can work together. Focusing on the Fed in a serious way is a good place to join forces. In the end there will be significant battles over policy, but before that real progress can be made.

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Fed To Hold An “Expedited, Closed” Meeting On Monday

I actually look at it as a positive that they announced the meeting for Monday. If they had scheduled a weekend meeting (Remember those weekend Fed meetings in 2008? I sure do.) I’d be more concerned.

Still, I’d love to know what spurred this. I wonder…Could this be why?

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Goodbye Middle Class: 51 Percent Of All American Workers Make Less Than 30,000 Dollars A Year

We disagree with a couple of points in this article, but overall he’s right. The middle class is indeed dying. A little more each passing year. But it’s not robots and foreign workers which are fundamentally to blame. That we live in a crony, highly financialized economy has more to do with it. Vast swathes of the American people are shut out of the economy because of things like occupational licensing and other regulations which benefit vested interests. Piles of red tape hold people down.

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