ESPN says that you and your racism is the reason their ratings have crashed, and they (and Disney) don’t care about your viewership anyway- so stuff it

Might as well check out on ESPN all together. (Why spend money or time on bread and circus “news” anyway?) You see, you, the viewer who wants to hear about sports and not be harangued with social justice PSAs all day are not wanted at ESPN anyway. So what if they lose money, and viewers? It’s you the viewers who are the problem. You aren’t hip, young or “diverse” enough. Screw sports being a place where people of different economic and social backgrounds can come together to talk about stuff of common interest but of no real import.

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ESPN insists, despite falling ratings/layoffs it will remain political, and continue it’s general decline

ESPN is really bad these days. It’s boring and preachy. It’s been infected by social justice flu, or is it fever, or is it hemorrhagic fever? Jobs have certainly been hemorrhaging at the once mildly interesting cable channel.

I think people at ESPN heard that President Obama kept ESPN on all day (lame) and so got full of themselves. But the thing is sports is supposed to be a refuge from the political nonsense,

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The #OLDMEDIA continues to die: ESPN Loses A Record 621,000 Subscribers In One Month, However #NEWMEDIA Models are Working

First it was the local newspapers. Then the big newspapers started going belly up. Now  the mighty cable giants are in trouble.

The information gatekeepers are losing their grip. The taste makers, the talking heads, the producers and the TV programmers (at least the ones attached to traditional broadcasters) all see that their positions and status aren’t what the used to be. People are “cutting the cord.” The great unwashed increasingly is turning its back on media created in LA and New York.

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ESPN gets millions from taxpayers

But hey, the President’s a fanboy too.*

Over the past 25 years ESPN has gotten millions in tax credits (tax dollars straight from the taxpayer to the company) and tax breaks (which can still constitute a form of crony capitalism even if the taxpayer doesn’t directly pay for them) from Connecticut. The highly profitable business (even without the credits and breaks) has worked its way into the state legislature over the years and has, according to the New York Times,

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