Tony Blair, PM of another era, says BREXIT can be stopped

(From The Telegraph)

He added: “I could’ve held one (a referendum) in 2005 and lost one. When we thought we were going to have to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, I thought that was a very, very open question as to whether we were going to win or not.

“What it shows you [is] that if you put this decision to people like this in a referendum, I think at any point in time in the last 30 years you could have got that result.”

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Parliament must now vote on Brexit rules court

The anti-Brexit, pro-crony, pro-EU forces weren’t going to just give up. The banks want to stay in the EU and historically the banks have gotten what they want. There are similar parallels in this country.

Love that the anti-Brexit people are all concerned about British law now.

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Euro ‘house of cards’ to collapse, warns ECB prophet

The European Union is eroding from its periphery and it is collapsing in pieces even in Germany and France. It is highly fragile and if real recessionary winds blow the EU will start to crumble at a faster pace.

We say the faster, the better.

The bureaucrats are clinging to the dream, but the dream has morphed into something very different for many in Europe. We can’t say that we’re disappointed.

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Nigel Farage : “The Establishment Is Losing Control Over The People”

Good ole’ Nigel. The world owes him quite a lot. He helped craft Brexit which was a revolt against the global crony system. Brexit was a very public rebuke of the EU, bureaucracy generally, the cronycrats in Brussels specifically, George Soros, and organizations like the Clinton Foundation. As such Mr. Farage is hated by the cocktail party crowd. Nigel called the crony class out and then he whipped them in front of the world.

So the cronies are a bit sore about the whole thing.

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Brexit Fears Weren’t Overblown — They Were Flat-Out Wrong

Brexit was a massive win for those of us who oppose crony capitalism. It was a line in the sand, in the Channel, and Britain in the end decided to remain Britain and to tell the eurocrats to take a hike.

But the folks in Brussels and many EU apologists warned of dire consequences if Britons dared assert themselves. Basically these fear mongers have been completely wrong. Britain’s future if anything looks a bit brighter today than pre-Brexit.

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The Economist says the political divide is between “globalists” and “anti-globalists”, no it’s the political class versus everyone else

In the attached article The Economist frets that the trend toward “globalism” (their word) is in jeopardy. And what the magazine or “newspaper” calls globalism is indeed being challenged. The headlong march toward transnational governments embodied in the European experiment is under attack. And for good reason. People feel disenfranchised.

The average person sees a “global order” (again The Economist’s words) which cares little for the “pedestrian” interests of the middle class. The bourgeoisie sees a rising crony class,

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German Minister Claims Surge In Attacks (4 in a week) Has “No Link To Merkel Refugee Policy” (Right…)

One of the reasons many people in this country and around the world are turning their backs on the old order is because the old order seems to live in an alternate universe. The desires and aspirations of the political class seem totally divorced from the desires and aspirations of most everyday people.

At first people questioned themselves. A few years ago many folks were still willing to give the political class the benefit of the doubt. Governing after all was the business of the political class.

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“People must learn to recognize the EU for what it really is: a gang of power-lusty crooks empowering and enriching themselves at other, productive people’s expense.”

Hans-Hermann Hoppe shares his insight on the nature of the European Union, the future of the world economy, and the danger of the USA embracing a European type economy – which basically it has.

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KASSAM: UKIP Doesn’t Need ‘Forward Thinking’ – It Needs Someone With The B*llocks To Smash The Establishment

Indeed the Brexit result is a time to press the accelerator not to coast and to seek “consensus.” There will be a time for consolidation but that moment is farther down the political road. Pick your way carefully. But keep pressing on while the lines have been breached. Don’t even think of treaty at this point. There will be time for that.

Surely Brexit was deeply divisive. And not just in Britain. But Brexit, the rejection of the European Union superstate and bureaucratic aristocracy is a win for liberty,

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Why the World Is Rebelling Against ‘Experts’

This is an excellent bit of analysis from Joel Kotkin. He’s right on the money as far as we’re concerned. Please notice that the word “experts” is in quotes.

He’s right, the great Western middle class is in revolt. The great core of the West has been dismissed and marginalized for too long. It is sandwiched between the crony class, with its connections, its access to taxpayer and central bank money, and a significant, poorer part of the population which has thrown in completely with the state (largely because it has little choice).

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