Did Obama just usher in the first real move toward smaller government in decades with the Obamacare fiasco?

It’s far too soon to tell. The overwhelming trend over the last 70 years has been toward increased statism and an expanded system of crony capitalism. But we are witness to an amazing change in the political winds. Just a month ago Democrats were declaring victory over having ended the partial government shutdown. Today there isn’t much crowing going on.

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Obama brings in Verizon to fix Healthcare.gov fiasco

Every new piece of software or website has glitches. It happens. Bugs happen. Sometimes they are even left in knowing that the public will find the problems and identify them for the software developers, so called “beta testing.”

But Healthcare.gov is just a disaster. Like the law that birthed it there was a supreme effort to bring the website into existence before anyone could kill it. So what if it wasn’t ready? Maybe things wouldn’t be so bad.

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GOP staffers working with Democratic staffers to keep special Obamacare deal for themselves, Trying to kill Vitter amendment

“Reid and Boxer must really want their #Obamacare exemption to start bribing Members. I’m asking for an ethics investigation,” – Sen. Vitter on Twitter

Under Obamacare members of Congress and their staffs were supposed to participate in the healthcare “exchanges” set to come online October 1st, or whenever. However in August both Dems and Republicans in Congress worked a deal with the White House which allowed them to keep their very generous health plans and to avoid being thrown into Obamacare.

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Despite retreat, White House determined to start Obamacare money flow (That’s how people become addicted)

It appears that the White House has been secretly negotiating with large businesses as Obamacare has veered off down disaster road. The delay of the employer mandate has everything to do with the Obama administration’s buddies in big business saying that the program is half baked at best and that they can’t comply with the tangle of red tape. So Obama has punted, on this.

Now, however, it appears the administration’s bravado was all for show. At the same time Obama was expressing great confidence,

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Obamacare employer mandate delay offers temporary relief to employers, economy

At least some employers are happy. Big pharma and the insurance industry are probably not. However given how much difficulty the government is having getting the “exchanges” up, who knows. Maybe even these key beneficiaries of Obamacare are thankful for the delay. The “train wreck” as Democratic senator Baucus famously called Obamacare, has been moved down the track a bit, at least for employers (and their employees).

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Millennials Are Obamacare’s Last Hope

Come, young people to the Obamacare exchanges. Your premiums will likely go up, by a lot, but the administration needs you to subsidize other people or the entire giant bureaucratic, crony capitalist endeavor might come crashing down. With all that student debt what’s a premium increase of hundreds of dollars right? It’s only money.

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Obamacare Will Share Personal Health Info with Federal, State Agencies

Obamacare has a life of it’s own at this point, and it hasn’t even been officially born.

Hope you’re cool with your most personal health information being shared with federal agencies, including the IRS. But don’t worry, as we’ve seen you can trust the government.

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