Great, so now Trump supports taxpayer backed “Boeing’s Bank” after talking with Boeing’s CEO?

Trump had said that the Export-Import Bank of the United States was a bad idea. An example of classic crony capitalism. But that position may have just changed. If so that would be disappointing, bad for taxpayers, and would further our system of crony capitalism.

The Export-Import Bank should die. If it doesn’t with a GOP president, Senate, and House then that tells taxpayers all they need to know.

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Ex-Im Is Back In Business, Boeing Cuts 4,000 Jobs Anyway (Company threatened job cuts last year if it lost its Export-Import Bank subsidy)

Flying high in the crony skies.

So nice that Boeing, now with its huge taxpayer underwritten subsidy in hand thanks to many Republicans who abandoned the free market to support crony capitalism, slashes a bunch of jobs. The company had threatened to slash jobs if it didn’t get an Ex-Im renewal, but in the end it got rid of thousands of jobs anyway.

Crony capitalists do not operate on good faith or anything close to it. Remember this for the future.

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Only an Unprincipled Congress Would Revive the Ex-Im Bank

Veronique de Rugy has been a tireless opponent of crony capitalism generally and the Export-Import Bank specifically for a long time. I encourage everyone to follow her on Twitter a @veroderugy .

And she is right. Only a completely unprincipled Congress would resurrect Ex-Im. The Dems should be ashamed of completely capitulating before the giant corporations they so often criticize. The few Republicans which may join the Dems in breathing new life into “Boeing’s Bank”

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Minority of House Republicans join with Democrats to revive crony Ex-Im Bank, Sell out taxpayers – Again. (List of Members who let taxpayers down – Again.)

Boeing and GE want their Ex-Im Bank. They’ve had taxpayer underwritten loans for so long they feel like they are owed them. As such they have deployed their lobbyists in a full arm twisting offensive. In the chaos surrounding the impending Speaker vacancy the giant corporations want to make sure they get what they have spread money around Congress to get. They are calling in “favors.”

GE and Boeing aren’t going to let the free marketeers win easily.

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Republicans move to revive government bank loathed by conservatives

Ohio Republican Congressman Steve Stivers who is in charge of swaying Republicans to join Democrats to restart Ex-Im, Boeing’s (and GE’s) Bank.

Find your member’s phone number HERE.

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Boehner Unchained: Will The soon to be former Speaker blow things up in Congress on the way out?

We wouldn’t put it past him. Indeed you can bet that long time “friends” like Boeing are leaning pretty hard on The Tanned One to make sure the Export-Import Bank, Boeing’s Bank, the taxpayer underwritten boondoggle for a few massive corporations, is revived from the grave for instance. The people who want Ex-Im gone are the same people who wanted Boehner gone. As such watch Boehner do the wrong thing here, either for old “friends,” out of spite,

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Boehner colludes with super liberal Maxine Waters to shaft taxpayers yet again?

The Export-Import Bank of the United States which provides below market financing underwritten by taxpayers for giant corporations needs to die. Its charter wasn’t renewed in June, which is excellent, but the “bank” could still be revived if John Boehner attaches a revival to a big bill, a must vote on bill, like the highway bill. According to the hyper liberal, extreme statist, uber crony capitalist Maxine Waters, a Democrat, that just may be in the cards.

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