Saudi Arabia says that calls for internationalization of holy sites ‘a declaration of war’

“Fake news” warfare? It’s very possible. However this incident speaks to the increasing tensions we are seeing in the Persian Gulf with Shiite Iran and Suni Saudi Arabia the key nodes, and Qatar the current (political) battleground. Add in Turkey (Qatar was once an Ottoman outpost and Turkey has been cuddling up with Qatar lately) and the US (which operates a large air force base in on the peninsula) plus the largest known cache of natural gas in the world and one can see why this is an area worth paying attention to.

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#CNNBlackmail : Tracks Down And Threatens to Dox Creator of Trump Wrestling Gif (Appears to be a 15 year old kid)

So CNN is doxxing people now (or perhaps worse, threatening to)? And it calls itself a network? And it wants people to think it’s a legitimate news source?

It thinks it’s going to intimidate the people who actually know what is up at CNN? If that is the case the outlet really hasn’t learned a thing.

We don’t think Trump should have retweeted, and the guy in question might not be the nicest of folks,

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John Bonifield, CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “Mostly bulls–t right now,” President Trump is Right About Witch Hunt (VIDEO)

Sometimes Project Veritas is just a tad too smug for me. But they often do excellent work. Sometimes they hit. Sometimes they miss. This video is a base hit and doesn’t appear to be overly edited. Though some of the questions are a bit leading. Judge for yourself.

If Russia is a ratings winner for CNN, if what appears to be flat out “fake news” is a ratings winner,

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Did CNN just stage a protest in London for the camera? (VIDEO)

The “fake news” critique (with regard to CNN particularly) is a legitimate one. It’s not a pro-Left bias at this point, CNN seems to have become a propaganda outfit.

Earlier today Drudge pointed out that The New York Times referred to The Drudge Report as an “unofficial source.” Yet it cited CNN in the same piece as a legitimate news organization. That CNN has hosts now refering to the president as a piece of excrement is OK.

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Are you too stupid to understand that some seek to manipulate you online for political reasons? The planners think you are

The attached article raises interesting issues but they are not new issues. Of course one must be aware of things like algorithms that tailor ads for our own specific consumption. But the “planners,” the “controllers” are increasingly concerned that people lack the ability to understand how the Internet actually works. They are concerned because of you know, Brexit, Trump, and the disintegration of the EU/globalist dream before their eyes. These people would much rather the government (which we must ALWAYS remember has its own agenda,

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Daughter of Valarie Jarrett, Obama confidant and crony extraordinaire will cover Trump DOJ for CNN

This article is from just before the inauguration but Drudge resurrected it.

Think about this. CNN tries to make the case that it’s not “fake news” or at least inclined toward fake news but then hires the daughter of Varlarie Jarrett to cover Department of Justice issues in the Trump administration?


We have issues with Trump but his critique of the #oldmedia is entirely appropriate, and frankly needed.

It should be noted also that Valarie Jarrett has moved into the Obama’s new home in Washington DC.

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In Fiery, “Surreal” Press Conference, Trump Launches War On “Out Of Control” Press: Main Highlights

Whatever your opinion of Trump, and ours is that he is a mixed bag, good on some things, not so good on others, I think it can be objectively said that the #oldmedia has been on a Trump hunt since the day Trump won the election. (And before.) The people in the #oldmedia hate the man. They hate that he won even though the #oldmedia backed Hillary Clinton. They hate that he derailed the march toward the “first woman president.”

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CNN’s Cuomo Equates the ‘N Word’ with Using the Term ‘Fake News’ Against Journalists (So says fake news spokesperson and son of the former NY governor)

This is hilarious. It was the establishment spinmeisters and the #oldmedia like CNN that originally tried to spread the term “fake news” in an effort to disparage Breitbart and other #newmedia sources. And now Cuomo has a problem with the term. Boo hoo. It got turned around on him and now he’s whining.

Well let’s just review a little clip from Cuomo’s show so that we can all remember why so many Americans feel that CNN wantonly engages in acts of “fake news.”

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