Nigel Farage – You’re In For a Bigger Shock in 2017

We are for immigration. We are for legal immigration particularly. Immigration can help make a society vital and dynamic. It also on occasion can create great unease.

We post this video because if the survey Mr. Farage cites is correct, that only 20% of Europeans want to continue to allow immigration from Muslim countries, then an EU Parliament that is wedded to open borders is indeed in for a shock in 2017.

Is immigration the issue that does the European Union in?

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Nigel Farage on Trump’s “travel ban” (VIDEO)

It does irk me that none of the very wealthy Persian Gulf countries have taken in any refugees. Syria in many respects is their proxy war after all. (It’s ours too of course.)

Anyway, wherever one comes down on the recent decisions out of the White House this clip will likely be informative.

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Nigel Farage : “The Establishment Is Losing Control Over The People”

Good ole’ Nigel. The world owes him quite a lot. He helped craft Brexit which was a revolt against the global crony system. Brexit was a very public rebuke of the EU, bureaucracy generally, the cronycrats in Brussels specifically, George Soros, and organizations like the Clinton Foundation. As such Mr. Farage is hated by the cocktail party crowd. Nigel called the crony class out and then he whipped them in front of the world.

So the cronies are a bit sore about the whole thing.

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UKIP ‘furious’ after details of ‘assassination attempt’ against Farage leaked

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Farage this past summer in Washington. I found him to be as passionate, straight forward, self effacing, and as generally good natured as his “official” persona. Not always a given with politicians. He called for the UK’s exit from the European Union. He emphasized the importance for the United States that Britain reassert its sovereignty and the need for the UK to look to the US not across the Channel. He warned of a federal Europe dominated by Germany.

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Nigel Farage, leader of UK Independence Party, addresses the new German domination of the EU, while Hollande and Merkel have to sit and listen (Video)

Farage giving us an update this past summer on the fight against the EU.

I don’t agree with everything Mr. Farage has to say, but I do agree with a good bit. I had the opportunity to listen to him speak in Washington recently and I was impressed. He is as entertaining in person as he is on the floor of the European Parliament. His voice is a critical one as Europe appears to be spinning headlong into an autocratic abyss.

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Nigel Farage cautions against an EU army from the floor of the EU Parliament (Video)

“And who could forget Eurocorps here in Strasbourg last year, virtually goosestepping that ghastly flag around the courtyard outside.”

Farage believes that the current rising tensions with Russia are being used by some in Europe as an excuse to expand EU military powers. Powers some in the EU have long coveted.

But an armed European Union with all of the Continent under 1 flag is a worrying development as far as Mr.

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