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Kid stands on the sidewalk and starts videoing the Dallas Fed and JP Morgan Chase, cops don’t like it (Video)

Just a little window into the state of affairs currently.

On the one hand the security people are doing their jobs and the videographer does appear to wander onto private property. (Though it is not marked and he immediately retreats back to the public sidewalk.) The rent-a-cops would probably lose their jobs if they didn’t confront the kid. On the other hand it’s pretty creepy that a mere camera elicits this kind of response. The intimidation methods employed are also pretty suspect. At one point one of the security guards reaches into his breast pocket clearly trying to give the impression that he is reaching for a weapon. (Whether he was is not clear.) That is not OK.

Remember, this is just a kid with an iPhone.

It is also interesting to note that once security realizes the kid is well versed in his rights their tone changes considerably.

Is There Capitalism After Cronyism?

You bet there is. It’s what we are fighting for. An economic system based on real prices, open markets, and sound money would serve the world so much better than the centrally planned, top down, command and control, fiat money system we must now endure.

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