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Schools Want the Sky to Be the Limit on Loans (Student debt bubble? What bubble? Say lobbyists)

The student loan program has long been a mess. In 2009 the government cut out the middleman and made it even worse. (If you can believe it.)

Student loans are couched as aid to students. They really are streams of income from the federal government straight to the massive university system. The administrators, the full professors, the real estate developers, etc. etc. But the student is on the hook. The student is just the conduit for this cash.

Of course the universities want the college loan program to be as big as possible. It’s their bread and butter. They feast on the money students bring in. Young people and their parents want desperately to buy a ticket into the dwindling middle class. People believe there is no other option but to load up on debt.

Student debt is not about students and certainly not about helping them. It’s about classic federal government induced crony capitalism, simple. In truth we should just stop all student aid and see what happens to tuitions. My bet is they would deflate quickly. But that is what universities which have long gorged on this easy money fear.

Another important point. Lots of people fell for the student debt scam and they shouldn’t just be bailed out because they’ve gotten in over their heads. We all make mistakes. The answer is to cut student debt programs. Not forgive it. But even though this will go a long way toward solving the problem it won’t get politicians many votes or money from college lobbyists.

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Prison labor company features promo video touting “BEST-KEPT SECRET IN OUTSOURCING”

Get this, the company is called UNICOR. Didn’t the scientist in Terminator 2 work for that company? Or maybe it’s the company in Robocop. Whatever. If you want your call center needs met at “offshore prices” time to team up with the prison workforce experts.

These people work for below minimum wage, and likely below the natural wage rate too, because they are locked up in prison. The taxpayers pay to house these folks, who then are employed for pennies an hour. (Prisoners earn between .23 and $1.15/hour.) Basically it’s a subsidy to the clients of UNICOR.

That this arrangement provides incentive to incarcerate people is pretty weird too.

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Report: Taxpayers Spent Millions On Union Work

Why should we expect federal employees to actually work for us? Wouldn’t our money be better used if we paid these federal employees to organize their unions so that they can figure out how to squeeze more money from us?

Good news. We already pay them to do that!

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Feds try to seize 90,000 acres of Texas, Texans say I don’t think so (Video)

The federal government never stops seeking to expand its reach. That’s what it does. It consumes. It controls. It compels. It takes. The only check on its power is a vigilant citizenry. In Texas there are some vigilant citizens.

The feds are literally seeking to take tens of thousands of acres from private property owners and the state of Texas for their own. The state AG, who it must be noted is also running for governor, has asked the BLM to kindly return to Washington DC. The agency would probably be wise to do so. I don’t see Texans just letting this happen.

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Vouchers Challenge the Status Quo in Louisiana, Federal Government Undermines Reforms

This issue at hand is not really an issue of segregation, which is bad for society and for students. It is about power. Vouchers give power to parents and take it away from failing school systems. The teachers’ unions and teacher interest groups feel that widespread use of vouchers will undermine their monopoly of schools, especially in under-preforming areas of the country. If competition is kept at bay, then “education” interests, teachers and administrators get to keep their jobs. They fear a mass exodus to better (private) schools. That such schools may help many students is less important than job security. The schools are of course about the teachers. Read More

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