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Feds try to seize 90,000 acres of Texas, Texans say I don’t think so (Video)

The federal government never stops seeking to expand its reach. That’s what it does. It consumes. It controls. It compels. It takes. The only check on its power is a vigilant citizenry. In Texas there are some vigilant citizens.

The feds are literally seeking to take tens of thousands of acres from private property owners and the state of Texas for their own. The state AG, who it must be noted is also running for governor, has asked the BLM to kindly return to Washington DC. The agency would probably be wise to do so. I don’t see Texans just letting this happen.

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Vouchers Challenge the Status Quo in Louisiana, Federal Government Undermines Reforms

This issue at hand is not really an issue of segregation, which is bad for society and for students. It is about power. Vouchers give power to parents and take it away from failing school systems. The teachers’ unions and teacher interest groups feel that widespread use of vouchers will undermine their monopoly of schools, especially in under-preforming areas of the country. If competition is kept at bay, then “education” interests, teachers and administrators get to keep their jobs. They fear a mass exodus to better (private) schools. That such schools may help many students is less important than job security. The schools are of course about the teachers. Read More

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