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Modern central bankers have things upside down, This is why they fail

Money isn’t wealth. It measures wealth the way a ruler measures length, a clock measures time and a scale measures weight.

Boy is this true, but so many people, including the supposed shamans at the Fed  fail to grasp (or choose oddly to ignore) this basic concept. Dumping “money” into the economic system isn’t going to make the economy grow, it will only make the money currently in the system worth less.

It’s not quite that simple. But it’s nearly that simple.

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To get real jobs back why don’t we consider real money?

Say what you want about gold but it has held its value for thousands of years. The fiat dollar? Well let’s just say its been a steady march toward becoming trash.

If we want a high value economy, if we want high value jobs, we should have “high value” money. Sound money. Gold backed money. We should have money which can’t be eroded at the whim of our central bank.

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Ron Paul, the Gateway Drug

Dr. Paul introduced a truly small government philosophy to millions. The unassuming doctor from Texas, a Congressman long in the intellectual wilderness but consistent in message, has had arguably as much impact in this young century on American politics as any other American political figure. Politics is different today, and I would argue very much better, for Paul’s evangelizing.

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Japan has fallen victim to the Keynesian scam (And so have we)

Japan had “a lost decade.” Then it had another. We are past the halfway mark of the American “lost decade.”

Keynesianism has failed utterly and completely. It’s not that there wasn’t enough stimulus. It’s that the concept of “stimulus” is bunk. It’s real “voodoo economics.” It is a cult. A dream. And as is increasingly obvious even to the Keynesians, a nightmare.

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Ron Paul: Not just a moment–we’re in the middle of a “libertarian transition”

The one and only time I met Ron Paul was in his office in DC in 2007. I had long admired him and I had come to pitch Dr. Paul on becoming a client of mine. I was a fledgling stock broker and I thought I might be able to interest him in some gold stocks.

What’s funny is that as soon as I walked through the door of his office and he and I sat down I forgot all about doing business and we just talked politics and strategy for about 20-25 minutes.

I left his office with a deepened respect for the man. Something which rarely happens (I now know) after meeting a politician in person.

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