“There is no (global) recovery” Banks are abandoning the Japanese stock market, Japan to just dump “free” cash on its citizens? (VIDEO)

Abenomics, the massive Keynesian experiment spearheaded by the Japanese Prime Minister has failed and now this failure is just becoming obvious.

This stimulus effort having failed some economists (see the attached video) now think that fiscal stimulus is needed. (As opposed to monetary stimulus.)

That ain’t gonna work either but things are getting ugly and the Keynesians are getting desperate.

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The Hill: Another financial meltdown on the horizon?

We have been “pressing the case for sound money” for a very long time. Many others, particularly those economists considered part of the Austrian School have been doing so for decades. It was the Austrian School economists who saw 2008 coming. It was the Austrians who warned the world. But the Austrians are a truly and deeply free market bunch, and politicians don’t like free markets. So the warnings went unheeded.

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