How the USDA killed small almond growers and handed the business to the big guys

In the name of consumer safety, the USDA (Ag Department) ruined small almond growers, mostly in California, and gave their business away to big companies. It did this by suddenly requiring that all almonds be “pasteurized” using one of several methods, methods which required expensive equipment that small growers could not afford. The agency did this so suddenly that small producers had little choice but to shut down or sell out at low prices.

This is typical or how both USDA and FDA operate.

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As Amazon purchases Whole Foods, don’t fear for the cashier. Fear for the supermarket (Actually don’t fear.)

“Emperor Bezos thanks you for shopping at Whole Foods.”

Across the nation hipster trustafarians and well heeled Subaru Outback drivers are fretting. What is to come of Whole Foods now that Amazon has eaten it? The attached article is a good example of this.

But I say, fear not foodies. Life will go on. In fact it may be better under Jeff Bezos and an army of robots. Amazon isn’t interested in losing value and chasing away customers.

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Oberlin College students protest “capitalistic” food services company

Ah yes, Oberlin, beacon of social consciousness in northern Ohio, safety school for those who wanted to go to Notre Dame or Carnegie Mellon, doesn’t like that the company that makes its food does so for a profit. God forbid. (Can one still say “God” at Oberlin? I’m not sure.)

Yes, the trust funders at Oberlin would apparently prefer co-op slop.(Just kidding. There is no way the privileged kids at Oberlin will stand for real co-op slop. That stuff is for hippies made of sterner stuff.)

Of course this will only prove a boon to the pizza joints around Oberlin so this protest may in fact be a good thing for free market capitalism.

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Dollar General’s Startling Admission: Half Of U.S. Consumers Are Feeling More “Dire” Than Ever

SNAP is a strange animal. On the one hand it does help some people who are in very troubled circumstances. On another hand the program is also widely abused and everyone knows it. And on still another hand SNAP is big time crony capitalism with taxpayer money barely stopping in recipients accounts before being funneled to companies like Coca-Cola and General Mills.

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90-year-old Florida man arrested for second time in a week after feeding the homeless again

Not everything has to be regulated. Not everything has to be codified and signed off on by the red tape gurus. Life CAN happen just fine without such interference. And when the government is stopping a man from feeding the hungry, rest assured something is very wrong with the regulations, the codes, and the local bureaucrats.

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