Oberlin College students protest “capitalistic” food services company

Ah yes, Oberlin, beacon of social consciousness in northern Ohio, safety school for those who wanted to go to Notre Dame or Carnegie Mellon, doesn’t like that the company that makes its food does so for a profit. God forbid. (Can one still say “God” at Oberlin? I’m not sure.)

Yes, the trust funders at Oberlin would apparently prefer co-op slop.(Just kidding. There is no way the privileged kids at Oberlin will stand for real co-op slop. That stuff is for hippies made of sterner stuff.)

Of course this will only prove a boon to the pizza joints around Oberlin so this protest may in fact be a good thing for free market capitalism.

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Dollar General’s Startling Admission: Half Of U.S. Consumers Are Feeling More “Dire” Than Ever

SNAP is a strange animal. On the one hand it does help some people who are in very troubled circumstances. On another hand the program is also widely abused and everyone knows it. And on still another hand SNAP is big time crony capitalism with taxpayer money barely stopping in recipients accounts before being funneled to companies like Coca-Cola and General Mills.

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90-year-old Florida man arrested for second time in a week after feeding the homeless again

Not everything has to be regulated. Not everything has to be codified and signed off on by the red tape gurus. Life CAN happen just fine without such interference. And when the government is stopping a man from feeding the hungry, rest assured something is very wrong with the regulations, the codes, and the local bureaucrats.

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Capitalism Jamaican Jerk Style on the Streets of New York (VIDEO)

Image: Screenshot Business Insider

I have long contended that restaurants are one of the most capitalistic areas of our economy. Make good food at a good price and people come back. Repeat over and over and over. Keep making people happy and you keep making money.

That is unless the regulators start shaking you down.

This place looks delicious. Here’s their Facebook page if you want to track them down.

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Woman Fighting Fine For Selling Tamales Without Permit

$700 for selling tamales out of the house is excessive. If the city had a real problem with this woman they should have issued her a warning first. And even then they really should have minded their own business. So what if she’s selling tamales to help make ends meet?

Was she inconveniencing neighbors? We don’t know. If she was perhaps a warning was justified. But a $700 fine with no warning? That’s unreasonable. Plus the real issue here is likely that she had not paid for a permit,

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Guess what? Food Stamps are big time CORPORATE WELFARE and many in the GOP love it

As we’ve said before, our food stamp program is a huge source of revenue for the food manufacturers. Designed, at least originally, and at least in theory, as a way for poor people to have enough to eat, EBT (food stamps) has become a way for vested interests to fleece the taxpayer. The big food companies love it. Soda? OK. White bread? Sure. Cookies? Absolutely.

Then after a lifetime of poor eating, subsidized by the taxpayer,

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When Bureaucrats Attack!!! Smoke from a guy’s grill wafted into his neighbors yard (across the street) County shows up

I have grilled in the rain many times. Happily. (With charcoal. Never gas.) 

The below video speaks to me. I love to grill. I love to barbecue. A man and his grill is a sacred thing.

I am willing to bet that whatever this guy is cooking tastes awesome too. I just get a vibe from this fellow. And I’ll bet he cooks pig. That’s what I am talking about.

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Socialism empties, shelves, stomachs in Venezuela, Desperate people cross into Colombia for food

When prices aren’t free to move shortages result. And people become hungry.

Opening the border is the last thing President Maduro and the Chavistas wanted to do of course. By opening to Columbia and letting people get food it highlights the massive failure the socialist regime has induced. But the Chavistas recognize that keeping hungry people penned inside the country would probably be an even worse option for them than letting them out. One thing that all totalitarian regimes understand is that bread is key to pacification of the population.

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