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Georgia car dealer cartel tries to cut out Tesla (Because it has a better business model)

Sometimes I feel there is little to like about the American auto industry. It is a crony institution from top to bottom. From senior management to the union line guy everyone has an angle. Consider why it is that the price of cars always goes up. Why don’t TVs do this? Or computers? Cars today are just rolling computers with seats, and yet every car goes up in price each year while other types of technology generally trend down over time. I submit that it is because the auto industry is structured poorly (from the consumer perspective) and dealerships are a classic example.

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Atlas has shrugged in Detroit.

The productive have left the Motor City. After years of being squeezed they left. Or as Ayn Rand might have said, they shrugged, and moved to Florida.

One just can’t run a city that way. Can’t run a country that way either.

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