The U.S. foreign-aid budget, visualized

This money (US taxpayer money) often just goes to the crony classes within these countries. Those positioned to take advantage of the USA’s largesse do well. The “people” often do less well. Especially when considering that much of this money goes to arms. (American arms.)

When it comes to military aid both the Military Industrial Complex lobbyists and the lobbyists of favored countries team up to make sure American taxpayers continue to pay the bills for their clients.

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Congressman Massie insists on a recorded vote on foreign aid tonight

(From Congressman Massie’s Facebook Page)

The House was going to authorize $1 billion in foreign aid using a voice vote (unrecorded vote) with less than 12 members of congress in the chamber today. I showed up around 5:30 pm and demanded a recorded vote. Thankfully three other congressmen were also there to request the recorded vote if I didn’t.

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The Pentagon’s secret foreign aid budget: The U.S. sends billions to foreign militaries each year. What do we have to show for it?

It’s only tax money. Your tax money. But hey, we’ve got to buy off some despot in Nowheresistan who probably doesn’t like Americans very much. (Even though we keep filling his bank account.)

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Here’s how much aid the US wants to send foreign countries in 2015, and why

I was recently talking with a friend who happens to be Jewish about aid to Israel. We were discussing Rand Paul and the dance he has to do with the official American Jewish political community on the issue of aid to Israel. Many in the pro-Israel crowd are vehemently against US aid to Israel being cut. They fear that Rand Paul would be open to the idea. For many American Jews this is a huge issue.

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Neoconservatives threaten to “take down” Rand Paul, Not pro-Israel enough

Let me say that I am a friend of Israel. I grew up with the children of Israeli air force pilots. In my home my father had a picture hanging in his office signed by some of his Israeli friends flying over a bombed out Iraqi nuclear facility. I grew up with the knowledge that the only place in the Middle East where the average Arab had any voice in government at all was in Israel.

But the Israeli lobby (and let’s be very clear about this,

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African Economist: “For God’s sake, stop the aid!”

Source: Der Spiegel

Earlier this year Rand Paul gave an excellent speech on the floor of the Senate explaining that despite good intentions foreign aid often only goes to entrench cronies and to further corruption in the developing world.

In this article in Der Spiegel Kenyan economist James Shikwati agrees in spirit with Paul.

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