Tucker Carlson takes over the 8 PM slot on FOX from O’Reilly (New blood, smaller government blood)


Generally, and grading for FOX News, not a bad choice. Carlson is fresh. He understands basic supply and demand economics. He’s smoked a joint or two in his past. He probably won’t call for nationalizing oil wells like O’Reilly did years ago. On the whole, a pretty solid net positive for evening news.

O’Reilly was always way too big government for me.

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Fox Five erupts in debate over “despicable” Rand Paul

Like I said before, it’s neocon or bust over there.

And Greg Gutfeld just jumped the orca. I know you have a new show and you see the brass ring, but come on. Sorry dude, we have a Constitution. If you don’t like it or find it inconvenient, well, that’s just too bad.

Let’s just hope whoever the next president is they care more about the rule of law than the last 2 presidents.

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