Tucker Carlson takes over the 8 PM slot on FOX from O’Reilly (New blood, smaller government blood)


Generally, and grading for FOX News, not a bad choice. Carlson is fresh. He understands basic supply and demand economics. He’s smoked a joint or two in his past. He probably won’t call for nationalizing oil wells like O’Reilly did years ago. On the whole, a pretty solid net positive for evening news.

O’Reilly was always way too big government for me.

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Crony Media: Debate moderator Woodruff, Fox News parent company gave to Clinton Foundation, A list of media people/groups who have given

So as we have just learned, Judy Woodruff, PBS anchor and recent Democratic debate moderator gave to the Clinton Foundation, something which in our opinion should have disqualified her for the moderator job.

(From Breitbart)

Co-moderator Judy Woodruff happens to be a donor to the Clinton Foundation, and faced criticism from the PBS ombudsman in 2015 for giving to the Clintons.

Woodruff is one of several journalists who has contributed to the Clinton Foundation,

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More Crony Media: Fox News continues to blackout Rand Paul in their poll coverage

This is starting to just get obvious. So the guy who has led the GOP field for months is now not even mentioned? Sounds like what Fox did to Ron Paul too.

And the thing is, it worked with Rand’s dad. People who still got their news primarily from TV, Fox, heard little about the most conservative candidate running in 2008 and 2012. People who got their information online (often younger people) knew all about and supported Dr.

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More Crony Media: Have marching orders been handed down at Fox? Neocon or bust?

This week has been an interesting one on Fox News with both Megyn Kelly and Charles Krauthammer going full out after Rand Paul. Paul’s poll numbers are rising while the other GOP hopefuls are declining and this concerns the pro-war wing of the GOP. It’s getting later and later in the game and the big government GOP candidates are not gaining the traction that it was assumed they would gain. That this attack from Fox coincides with a spate of neoconservative attack ads from the “

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Judge Napolitano to Juan Williams: “You’ve Abandoned The Notion That The Constitution Means What It Says” (Video)

The Constitution is a tool by which we the people can fight the expansion of the system of crony capitalism which infects this country currently. A restoration of the rule of law, of the Constitution (what a concept), is key to reigning in the corporate/crony state. The first step would be revisiting the modern interpretation of the Interstate Commerce Clause. That’s where we begin.

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How to get fired from Fox News in under 5 minutes, Judge Napolitano breaks down the crony system we now live in.

Judge Napolitano said this on his show Freedom Watch 2 years ago and was soon unceremoniously shown the door.* It is a blistering critique of a system which is based to a large extent on lies of an almost unfathomable scale, the emotional manipulation of an American people into clubs (red or blue), and wholesale cronyism at the highest levels. Download this video to your brain because it is a classic speech and one I am glad I was reminded of tonight.

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Wasington Post Reports: Not just the AP, Department of Justice targeted Fox reporter James Rosen

James Rosen, defense reporter for Fox News was tracked by the Department of Justice in 2009. His private emails were read, his comings and goings around Washington DC were monitored.

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“Socialism fails because it is largely immoral in its denial of fundamental freedoms.”

I have over the years given Fox News plenty of criticism  Their treatment of Ron Paul, who I think it is pretty clear now was ahead of his time, was terrible. It’s cheering on of the Iraq War was in my opinion not a good thing, to say the least. (Though it must be said that even the other mainstream media outlets pretty much did the same thing.) Fox News is owned by Newscorp, which is headed by Rupert Murdoch,

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30 Crock? NBC News Chief is Fired

I am sorry to see television news in the state that it is. It seems that since Fox has come on the scene and ghettoized the traditionally conservative news audience, the #oldmedia has felt free to let it all hang out.

How can MSNBC seriously call itself a journalistic entity when its slogan “Lean Forward” is essentially the same as the president’s, “Forward?” 

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