Don’t Unearth Our Corruption!!! : Schumer says Charlottesville violence is reason to cancel Trump voter commission

We have gotten to the point where what is coming from the Dems officially has gone from being stupid to ludicrous. Schumer knows there are likely big time voter fraud issues out there. He also knows that such voter fraud typically benefits the Democrats. At least historically. (They are the party built now almost exclusively around the urban political machines that everyone, except perhaps the most deluded and the most daft, knows  are engines of fraud and general sketchiness.)

Check this video featuring a Democrat Election Commissioner in New York City


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Bernie and Jane Sanders, under FBI investigation for bank fraud, hire lawyers

Bernie Sanders’s economics are terrible. Just awful. No one as old as he is, who has seen what he has, should hold fast to “socialism” the way that he does. On the other hand I don’t dislike him personally and am impressed by his challenge to the Clinton machine.

I’m sorry to see this story. We’ll see how it washes out. 

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340B Crony Capitalism Makes Cancer Treatment More Expensive

This is the sort of crony capitalism that goes on every day but resides in the deep shadows of hospital bureaucracy and government reimbursements. It is balance sheet crony capitalism, cloaked in paperwork and nonsensical numbers only decipherable to those who deal with the programs in question.

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