Politico: Freedom Caucus aligns with Bannon in risky Obamacare gambit

I would have put the word “risky” in quotes in the headline. Shoot, what isn’t risky in Washington?

The congressional conservatarian wing is asserting itself with Trump. It does not like Obamacare-lite. Steve Bannon understands this wing and why it is so important to give the members of this group a seat at the table. Can Mr. Bannon broker a deal? Probably.

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As Ryan takes over, can he tame the reckless Establishment?

We expect more of the same from Speaker Ryan, but we hope for the best. Indeed if Ryan can get the big spending establishment under reins this will be an historic achievement. Truly something to be proud of. His position in history will be unique. And you know pols love that sort of thing.

We think it is possible that Ryan has it in him. Possible. Not probable though.

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Will a conservative/libertarian/liberal coalition kill the TPP?

Given that the President is for the TPP, the Senate has basically said that it is on board, and the House leadership is pushing the thing, a derailment of the trade deal would constitute a significant coup. Such things are rare in American politics.

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