CATO: Conservatives Should Think Twice before Supporting Jeff Sessions

Sessions will be confirmed but small government people need to keep a close eye on him. Some of his positions are very big government and benefit the current crony system.

Marijuana laws for instance should be liberalized and dealt with on a state level. That is the CONSTITUTIONAL position and as such it should be the position of any American conservative. Yet Jeff Sessions appears to have a beef with pot even though pot legalization at a state level was one of the few wins fans of small government had during the Obama years.

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Marijuana Prohibition is Stupid: Trump’s Pick for Attorney General Is a ‘Drug War Dinosaur’

If there was one fear I had with a Trump presidency (on the domestic front) it was that he would appoint a prohibitionist as Attorney General. I feared that Chris Christie the cop might find his way into the role. Thankfully he didn’t. Senator Jeff Sessions has however.

We have respect for Senator Sessions. We disagree with him on a number of issues but again, we have respect. On marijuana however, I fear he’s terrible.

About the only thing I can see that is positive that came out of the Obama years is the fact that some states began to assert their rights under the 10th Amendment and began to nullify pot prohibition.

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It’s not free markets that have failed us but government distortion of them

This seems so obvious to us. But we must admit it doesn’t seem obvious to many.

Part of this is just simple economic ignorance. Part of it is that what are called “free markets” are often not very free at all, thus skewing people’s understanding of such markets. (A better term is “free price system,” but that is for another post.) Part of it is opportunistic, anti-market/pro-state political people seizing on the central bank created 2008 Crash as some sort of indictment of capitalism and free markets even though 2008 represented a failure of CENTRAL PLANNING and not of free markets.

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Language in Politics: How Bureaucrats Use Poorly Defined Terms to Expand Government Power (VIDEO)

This video only scratches the surface.

And it’s not exclusively government power that is expanded. Bureaucrats also use language to expand the crony capitalist system as a whole.

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A Modest Proposal: Let’s just cut the big cities loose

Now before I get into it let me state that I love many big cities. Part of my family is from Manhattan. I continue to enjoy New York. It’s great in many ways. I enjoy the Village, and the art, and the street food, many things. I am also one of the few small government people one is likely to meet who really enjoys San Francisco. As dirty as the place can be it is also beautiful with a great mix of influences from around the world but particularly from across the Pacific.

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The DEA’s Contrived Kratom Crisis

The puritans and the cronies join together all the time to restrict the freedom and liberty of Americans.

Drugs should be a non-issue in the USA. Free people have a right to treat themselves and yes, even indulge themselves as they see fit. We are supposed to be a free people. This is supposed to be a free country.

There is so much good that could be done with psychedelics, marijuana, kratom, other restricted drugs, in terms of treatment.

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Do levels of sunshine determine how much one likes (needs) big government? (MAP)

OK, just to be clear this is a half joke. There is no scientific basis for it. I stumbled across this map and just thought it was interesting how the higher the level of solar radiation the less likely (generally) people seem inclined toward big government. At least in the West.

California, as usual, remains an outlier.

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It’s time to free speech on campus again (By, can you believe it? JANET NAPOLITANO, yes her, now U of CA President)

This is a very reasonable statement from former White House denizen and Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano. When I saw the headline I initially thought the op-ed was from Judge Napolitano. But no, it was Janet defending free speech. OK.

So I figured that Ms. Napolitano would probably hedge the headline the whole way throuigh the piece. But she didn’t. She basically made the case of the “liberals” of my youth. Free speech is free speech. Even very unpopular,

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Truly open social media? New site with momentum, GAB

We post this for our readers’ information. Whether GAB takes off is an open question. (To say the least.) Most social media alternatives have a hard time carving out a space for themselves these days. But GAB says that it will truly be a censorship free platform. In that case it’s at least worth checking out.

Click here.

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People are ditching their apartments to live the ‘van life’

I actually don’t see this as all that bad. If I was young (alas I am no more) and single (and I mean no girlfriend) I’d consider doing this for a while. Of course I also used to have a 1978 VW bus and was prone to following the waves up and down the East Coast in another life so maybe I’m an outlier.

This is not my old bus but it looked just like this. 60 MPH was the top speed.

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How local police departments are becoming “mini NSAs”

Big Brother has little brothers across the country and the little brothers are becoming more and more powerful as they collect more and more data. (Just like Big Brother.) Add that the ability to crunch this data is becoming less expensive (nearly “free”) and quicker with each passing day and it isn’t heard to extrapolate where we are headed.

Do we want to be monitored 24 hours a day? Because that is the trajectory we are on. Are we just going to continue to roll over and give in to the HIVEMIND?

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