Undercover tape emerges. Surprise! The Fed and Goldman Sachs work hand in glove.

One of the problems with the attached article is that it implies that the reason Goldman pulled the things it did and does is because the Federal Reserve, the regulator, wasn’t and isn’t strong enough to curtail Goldman’s power.

The Fed is plenty strong. Far too strong in fact. What the author doesn’t appear to get is that in this instance we don’t have a case of “regulatory capture” per se. The Fed doesn’t kowtow to Goldman Sachs.

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Tim Geithner is no hero, no matter how many times he says that he is one.

TARP was the absolute height of crony capitalism. Many of the big banks should have gone down, but in the midst of a “Blackberry panic” – as David Stockman puts it – the masters of the masters of the universe lost sight of reality and the nature of markets. Yes, Goldman Sachs would have gone down. But this would have been a GOOD THING. The blood which should have filled the the streets of Downtown Manhattan would have washed the unsustainable leverage clean from the system (for a while).

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WSJ Book Review: ‘Stress Test’ by Timothy F. Geithner

According to this review Mr. Geithner thinks quite a lot of himself. He takes credit (credit?) for the lion’s share of the TARP bailout, which he sees as a success and not as many have come to see in the years since, an overreaction to a meltdown brought on by easy money which fundamentally undermined our economy.

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Geithner met with Obama just before warning S&P that the debt downgrade by the company would be met with a “response” from Washington

In January Bloomberg reported that Tim Geithner called the CEO of Standard and Poor’s after the company downgraded US debt to explain that the move would have “ramifications” for the company. Now S&P finds itself embroiled in a lawsuit driven by the Justice Department which S&P says is punishment for the downgrade.

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As Citigroup Spun Toward Insolvency in ’07- ’08, Its Regulator Was Dining and Schmoozing With Citi Execs

Geithner was able to get in and out of Washington DC pretty much unscathed. But his legacy will haunt the Treasury for a good while.

I will say that he did his job – for the banks.

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How the corrupt rich get richer with cronyism

It’s sad but true. The combination of no moral compass and political connections can create a powerful money making (taking) concoction. And there are far too many people with this general disposition wandering Capitol Hill and the mirrored buildings of Downtown Washington DC.

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George Will Says Break Up the Big Banks

The mega-banks are “mega” because the government helped make them that way. Instead of letting the big banks fail in 2008, Hank Paulson swept in and backstopped them, bailed them out, even though the market was trying to correct for years of stupidity both from Wall Street and Washington. The universe wanted to break up the cartel, but the government would not let it.

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Good to be Goldman Sachs, Tim Geithner’s Turn to Cash In.

In this article in The Nation Robert Scheer explains why “It’s good to be Goldman.” Goldman Sachs that is.

If one wants to get paid (via the government/Wall Street axis) the old vampire squid is where it’s at.

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“We will never know the amounts of money involved, but it has to be the biggest financial fraud of all time,”

The LIBOR rigging scandal is very deep, and it affected millions and millions of people. This was not just a few traders getting together and manipulating the second most important interest rate benchmark in the world. It wasn’t even just a few banks. It was pervasive, and it appears even condoned by regulators.

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