Greenwald: “Why Did Saudi Regime & Other Gulf Tyrannies Donate Millions to Clinton Foundation?”

This comes from Democracy Now! the hyper “liberal” news broadcast. Thing is, though I disagree fundamentally with DN on nearly everything they do real news unlike CNN and MSNBC. It’s nice to hear a legit anti-crony (for the most part) voice from what is called the “Left” in this country.

Get through the obligatory “Trump is a nut” (What else is the guy going to say?) bit at the beginning of Greenwald’s interview. The rest is pretty darn good.

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And now a tweet from liberal Glenn Greenwald on Oregon

We are not going to weigh in on the Oregon situation right now. There are more important things going on in the world. However we will note when an avowed lefty calls his brethren out for their rush to embrace the police state. We are thankful for the dissent.

Ralph Nader, Lawrence Lessig, Glenn Greenwald (and there are others) are liberals who have held to their principals in the face of the great “progressive” lockstep of the last few years.

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More Crony Media: Glenn Greenwald, “Liberals & Progressives Cheered Everything I Was Doing Before Obama” (Video)

The apologists on MSNBC are truly something. They will forgive our president for anything and Chris Hayes basically says this to Glenn Greenwald in the attached video.

Hayes explains that he really likes Glenn Greenwald but that he feels like he has to make a choice between Greenwald and Obama, and “Obama got a lot of people Medicaid,” so Obama wins.

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The Atlantic: “Why is Greenwald widely considered to be a radical? In part because the press in America largely refuses to entertain the possibility that the U.S. government itself has taken a radical turn.”

Conor Friedersdorf at Atlantic Magazine reviews Glenn Greenwald’s new book, No Place to Hide and he finds the case made within the pages to be a conservative one.

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(An important interview) Saving the Net from the surveillance state (And Crony Media): Glenn Greenwald speaks up (Q&A)

In the attached interview Glenn Greenwald (the former Guardian reporter who has worked closely with Edward Snowden) speaks about the danger of a surveillance state, and the complicity of the #oldmedia. Where the press once was at least somewhat adversarial it has become a lapdog. In many ways it is mere propaganda for the crony capitalist state.

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