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Did a 26-year-old just take down Thomas Piketty?

Piketty has largely been “taken down” already. That the economist does not acknowledge that the current fiat money system and the financialization of the world economy generally is what is driving inequality, not “capitalism,” is a huge problem. To say the least.

But others have come after Picketty from other angles.

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Big Banks fear Swiss citizens will vote to reback their money with gold

The big banks and governments don’t want the Swiss people to reback their money 20% with gold. What does that tell you?

Gold is real money. Paper is not. Gold doesn’t rise and fall in price (generally). Paper becomes more or less valuable relative to gold. This concept is lost on the general public. It is not lost on the bankers and the folks in government.

The establishment fears gold money. It reins in their power. Thus the reason they fight gold so ardently and why they are fighting it online and in newspapers today.

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Jim Rickards: The Demise Of The U.S. Dollar (And Mutualy Assured Financial Destruction) Video

It won’t happen tomorrow but slowly but surely the world is moving from dollars. The petrodollar system which has been key to the world economy over the last 40 years is eroding. More and more country to country deals are being done in currencies other than the dollar. The economic world as we have known it, after Bretton Woods in the Cold War Era, the post Cold War era, and the post 9-11 era is fundamentally shifting. The dollar is not what it once was. It is no longer “almighty” and one should be prepared.

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Many Who Criticize a Gold Standard Know Nothing About a Gold Standard

Noam Scheiber writing for the New Republic tells us that ” the gold standard is nuts– and perfect for today’s GOP.” ” Mr Scheiber confesses  to ” knowing…only… a little” about monetary policy. Just as well to start with this caveat, but why start hurling accusations about a subject on which you are completely ignorant?

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