Poll: 1 in 3 Independent and Republican voters see the government as an “enemy”

Many people see the federal government as not reflecting their views at all. Some see the unending expansion of the state into every nook and cranny of life, and the gaming of the government by powerful corporate and political interests, as a real threat. Indeed that our massive government is encroaching on the things many Americans hold particularly dear, independence, for some – faith, economic liberty, liberty generally, privacy, and so on.

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“There, There, Work With Us, And We’ll Cut You In”

Michael Lind has written a long article in Politico (where he is a contributing editor) on the future of the Republican party. I’ll save you the trouble of reading all of it. At the end, it suggests that the rational thing for the party to do is to accept today’s “progressive” welfare state, but just try to tilt the government payments to white middle class workers and businesses, in other words the core voters and the core financiers of the party.

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‘Shell-shocked’ CNBC staffers had long flight home (After the debate, And we can’t help but laugh)

Source: The American Journalist in the Digital Age: Key Findings.
Bloomington, IN: School of Journalism, Indiana University

I certainly hope they were. They deserve to be. Wednesday night may prove to be a watershed moment for the Republicans. The moment when they stopped being nice with the #oldmedia and got real.

The media is massively biased in favor of big government. (Not that the Republicans aren’t often for big government.) As I have mentioned in the past I interned at a conservative news outlet in college (not Fox) and pretty much the entire production staff was liberal.

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Well they did it. The House votes to revive the Export-Import Bank, Boeing’s Bank

(From House.gov)
(Republicans in roman; Democrats in italic; Independents underlined)

H R 597      YEA-AND-NAY      27-Oct-2015      6:32 PM
QUESTION:  On Passage
BILL TITLE: Reform Exports and Expand the American Economy Act

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Republican voters are spitting mad at the establishment GOP

And they should be. The establishment to date has tossed aside the grass roots and has worked to undermine the everyday voter at every turn. Why is Boehner out? Because Republican voters didn’t trust him and they made it known. Why did McCarthy run into a brick wall. Similar reasons. Why is Paul Ryan hesitant to take the Speaker reins? Because Republican voters are sick to death of being sold out and Ryan wonders if he can handle the heat.

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GOP finally finds something it will fight Obama for, Too bad it’s more government spending

We have a massive military. We have bases around the world. We have by far and away the largest military in the world. And the main reason this is is not because of threats to “American interests” but because defense spending is how Republicans (and Democrats too) distribute tax money to their constituents. It’s an ugly truth, but it is the truth.

Yes the “defense” of the country is expressly enumerated in the Constitution. DEFENSE. Not empire. Empires are costly for the citizenry of a country,

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How The GOP Establishment Hopes To Crush The Donald’s Presidential Run

If nothing else the presidential election so far has been interesting. More than that, bizarre. As my neighbor, who is politically engaged but not overly political put it to me this morning – America is ready to play a lottery ticket. America so disappointed in the last 2 presidents that people are really, really looking for someone to right the ship. They are ready to take a gamble. Enter Sanders and Trump.

Both men have upended the game the pundits and consultants had expected to play this election cycle.

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Are we witnessing another collapse of the party system?

The electoral college in 2016.

It is entertaining. All the “Ready for Hillary” bumper stickers seem to have vanished over the last month or so. Donald Trump is making mincemeat of the GOP party apparatus. All sorts of assumptions about the 2016 presidential race have been tossed out. Rules have been broken. New paths are being blazed.

It has all thrown the DC political class for a loop. And that is a very good thing.

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Libertarian-leaning Republicans in a quandary for whom to vote

The libertarian-conservative coalition will likely determine the GOP nominee for president. One way or the other.The coalition is large enough now that the establishment (as we have seen) isn’t just going to waltz into the White House. Who will carry the flag for the real, honest to goodness, small government people in the Republican Party? Is the Republican Party even the place for honest to goodness small government people? Will populism, some of it not very small government, win the day?

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Here’s Who Will Appear in the Fox News Primetime GOP Debate

The Fox higher ups have made their decision. They have blessed 10 candidates. 7 more have been relegated to AAA status.

Also, word is the moderators are afraid that Trump is going to just talk whenever he wants. They say they have a plan for dealing with such a situation.

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This is interesting, Head of Democratic Party can’t explain difference between “a Democrat and a socialist.” (VIDEO)

“I used to think there was a big difference.” – Chris Matthews

To be fair Debbie isn’t really running things. She has bosses who determine direction. But even still.

Kudos to Chris Matthews for a good question.

Bernie is pushing the Dems in interesting directions and creating contrasts and shadows where there weren’t ones before.

Trump is doing similar things in the GOP.

Fun to watch.

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