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Guess Who Leads The GOP Race In Crony Cash?

Crony capitalism is a bipartisan endeavor. The Dems often get dinged pretty hard because they are particularly inclined toward mixing business and politics (and make no bones about it), but the Republicans love to do the the crony pony too.

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Are we witnessing another collapse of the party system?

It is entertaining. All the “Ready for Hillary” bumper stickers seem to have vanished over the last month or so. Donald Trump is making mincemeat of the GOP party apparatus. All sorts of assumptions about the 2016 presidential race have been tossed out. Rules have been broken. New paths are being blazed.

It has all thrown the DC political class for a loop. And that is a very good thing.

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Libertarian-leaning Republicans in a quandary for whom to vote

The libertarian-conservative coalition will likely determine the GOP nominee for president. One way or the other.The coalition is large enough now that the establishment (as we have seen) isn’t just going to waltz into the White House. Who will carry the flag for the real, honest to goodness, small government people in the Republican Party? Is the Republican Party even the place for honest to goodness small government people? Will populism, some of it not very small government, win the day?

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This is interesting, Head of Democratic Party can’t explain difference between “a Democrat and a socialist.” (VIDEO)

“I used to think there was a big difference.” – Chris Matthews

To be fair Debbie isn’t really running things. She has bosses who determine direction. But even still.

Kudos to Chris Matthews for a good question.

Bernie is pushing the Dems in interesting directions and creating contrasts and shadows where there weren’t ones before.

Trump is doing similar things in the GOP.

Fun to watch.

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Jobs of Democrats and Republicans (Sorry Libertarians, Greens, and others) An Infographic

This is pretty interesting data but it is of course pretty limited too. How do the unemployed vote? (Though they tend not to give to political campaigns presumably and that is where this data came from.) What does the stripper vote look like? (I guess that just depends on which convention is in town.) Or what about the all important lion tamer vote? (My bet, solidly Republican.)

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Ron Paul was right about the Iraq War, Now GOP presidential hopefuls are accepting this fact

Ron Paul has long been ahead of the curve. He anticipated the 2008 financial crisis. His “Ron Paul Revolution” was the seed which grew into the robust and mainstream libertarian tendency within the GOP we see today. And he was right on Iraq—it was a mistake of colossal proportions.

But while Ron Paul was predicting a Fed created economic catastrophe and outlining why it was that invading Iraq was wrong and indeed anathema to what America was supposed to stand for, the GOP was fully engaged in disavowing the spirit of Ronald Reagan (spirit) and embracing a big government philosophy.

The Bush years were years of big government “conservatism.” The neocon coup.

Iraq in many ways is what broke the modern—William F. Buckley, Jack Kemp, Ronald Reagan—conservative movement. Bush blew it up just like so many bridges across the Tigris.

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Congressman Thomas Massie, the libertarian, gun-rights stalwart, MIT grad who drives a Tesla and lives off the grid

I like Tom Massie I have to admit. He and I spoke briefly at CPAC and the impression I came away with was of a man of conviction and intelligence. I then heard him on a panel with Congressman Amash later that day and I was more impressed. That doesn’t happen all that often when I meet politicians. He is certainly someone to watch in Washington. Especially as the libertarian insurgency gathers steam in the GOP.

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