Poll: 73% of Likely Republican Voters believe GOP leaders have lost touch with Republican voters

In the polling world 73% is a big number. When a president is at 73% approval it is the smoothest of sailing. When 73% of the voters in a party think party leaders are not reflecting their views it reflects serious anger.

Likely GOP leadership will dismiss these numbers as they have the TEA Party, the opposition to the Omnibus spending bills, the opposition to the Export-Import Bank renewal, and all sorts of other things.

How long leadership can continue to do so is another question.

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Can Bernie Sanders really be getting more defense industry contributions than any GOP candidate? (Graph from Politico)

It’s all too much. GOP, Dem, whatever. The point of the prior article was to illuminate how pervasive military contractor money is. So much so that even Bernie Sanders, crunchy ole’ socialist Bernie Sanders, is caught up in it. This shouldn’t be surprising to his supporters as the F-35 is based out of Vermont. Of course some defense money is going to come his way.

We have no horse in this race. (Or any other race.) Bernie,

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The GOP’s French Revolution (Not Really)

I basically don’t buy this analysis but it is an interesting and let’s say cute article that is worth reading for the Washington DC insider take.

But John Hart misses a very important and fundamental component of the current tumult in the GOP, namely Ron Paul. It was Paul’s critique of the GOP as a party which is in no way actually for “small government” which got this ball rolling. The first “TEA parties” were in support of the Congressman and his 2008 presidential run.

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Result of third-party lawsuit could decide outcome of 2016 election

Having 3rd party candidates on the debate stage would only be good for the Republic. The debates are controlled by a political cartel and they should be broken open.

Remember Coke and Pepsi are not OPPOSITES, just flavors. Same for the Dems and the GOP.

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Poll: 1 in 3 Independent and Republican voters see the government as an “enemy”

Many people see the federal government as not reflecting their views at all. Some see the unending expansion of the state into every nook and cranny of life, and the gaming of the government by powerful corporate and political interests, as a real threat. Indeed that our massive government is encroaching on the things many Americans hold particularly dear, independence, for some – faith, economic liberty, liberty generally, privacy, and so on.

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“There, There, Work With Us, And We’ll Cut You In”

Michael Lind has written a long article in Politico (where he is a contributing editor) on the future of the Republican party. I’ll save you the trouble of reading all of it. At the end, it suggests that the rational thing for the party to do is to accept today’s “progressive” welfare state, but just try to tilt the government payments to white middle class workers and businesses, in other words the core voters and the core financiers of the party.

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‘Shell-shocked’ CNBC staffers had long flight home (After the debate, And we can’t help but laugh)

Source: The American Journalist in the Digital Age: Key Findings.
Bloomington, IN: School of Journalism, Indiana University

I certainly hope they were. They deserve to be. Wednesday night may prove to be a watershed moment for the Republicans. The moment when they stopped being nice with the #oldmedia and got real.

The media is massively biased in favor of big government. (Not that the Republicans aren’t often for big government.) As I have mentioned in the past I interned at a conservative news outlet in college (not Fox) and pretty much the entire production staff was liberal.

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