Trump Administration, Reversing Trend, Sheds 11,000 Federal Employees in Six Months (How about 100,000 more before the end of the year?)

This is a real positive. But 11,000 should only be the beginning. Our taxpayer financed bureaucracy is a target rich environment.

Given advancements in automation and in technology generally the Obama years should be the high water mark for federal employment. From here on out  – and I mean from here until eternity – there is no need to add one more net federal employee. No reason.

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Government Employees Earn Almost Double The Average American

At least when it comes to Washington DC government employees it’s about more than just pay. Every federal holiday off. Lots of vacation. Unbelievable job security. They get a SWEET retirement. And if there is snow in the air, one can pretty much count on “liberal leave.”

On the other hand they have to work for the government.

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Trump signs executive order to hold Veteran’s Affairs employees accountable

Some at the highest levels of military have said that the VA is a disaster on a colossal scale. Essentially that it is a problem that is so big, with government employees that are so entrenched, the challenge of getting Veteran’s Affairs functional is a job that is almost impossible.

But this order appears to be a start. The Hill should expand on the initiative. Below I will link to just some of the VA stories we’ve covered over the past few years.

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Big Government to get bigger? : Trump administration lifts federal employee hiring freeze

The hiring freeze is one of the best things Trump has done to date. But instead of hacking away with the dull ax of righteousness Leviathan will now be allowed to expand, as it always seems to.

We are told that this is strategic. That some agencies will indeed see big cuts. We’ll see.

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Will Trump slash the federal bureaucracy? How “painful” will it be?

The federal employee system is a giant, glowing, throbbing, blob of cronyism. From the top to the bottom the federal government is full of cronies. If Trump is going to make a real effort to carve up the beast we applaud him. Cut, and cut deep.

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Trump freezes federal hiring

Freeze. Then cut. With extreme prejudice.

The federal workforce is deeply crony. No one has been able to get the bureaucracy under control in the past 80 years. We’ll see how Trump does.

(From The Washington Post)

President Trump issued an executive order Monday freezing federal hiring. The hiring freeze excludes national security employees.

A hiring freeze was included in the Trump presidential campaign’s “Contract with the American Voter.

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The Transition Trump has a plan for government workers. They’re not going to like it.

As a longtime resident of government employee country I say this plan couldn’t come soon enough. The bureaucracy in DC is massive, expensive, and entitled. Given the degree to which technology could easily reduce the bloat in the city and beyond wins should come early and relatively easily.

Wins for taxpayers anyway. Washington, the “imperial city” won’t like it and will scream bloody murder. On the other hand recent reports said that up to 35% of federal workers said they’d consider quitting their jobs if Trump became president.

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Half Of TSA’s 30,000 Employees Accused Of Misconduct; Nearly A Third Multiple Times

I hadn’t been on a plane in a few months but last week I flew into Atlanta.

I always fall out of the TSA rhythm if I haven’t flown for a while. I always forget to take off my belt. Pretty much every time. Do I take out my wallet? Good thing I remembered to wear loafers this time.

It’s insane. Really, think about it. It’s nuts. Then we have to stand in that machine and get blasted by radiation while we stand with our hands over our head like some sort of criminal.

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