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Some people just want to be ruled, and some just don’t

The truth is some (many) people just want someone to make decisions for them. I am unsure if it is a genetic disposition or whether it is socialization or whether it is both. All I know is some people do not want to control their own lives. They are more comfortable with someone at the helm. They are comforted by a horizon which is limited and defined by others.

Strangely these same people also want to limit the lives of those who prefer to be free.

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Crony marijuana in Ohio, Cartelization in the legal pot market

The good news is that Ohio may soon legalize the recreational use of cannabis. This is a huge step forward for personal liberty and common sense generally. No one should be going to jail for weed.

But there is a fly in the hash oil. If the new law in Ohio passes, and it likely will, only a few select marijuana “investors” will have the right to grow the plant for profit. Essentially Ohio will create a cartel for weed and that certainly is NOT progress.

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New bill could tax drivers by the odometer reading, 1.5 cents per mile driven, A tax to commute (VIDEO)

Well your conspiracy buddies on Facebook were right I guess. Arkansas may start coming after drivers for a tax on miles driven. Going to work? Pay a tax. Going to church? Pay a tax. Driving to school? Pay a tax. Want to exist as a human being in relatively rural Arkansas where one has to drive everywhere? Pay a tax.

It should be noted that both the upper and lower houses of the state legislature along with the governorship in Arkansas are all controlled by the Republican Party.

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Boehner to “go big government” yet again, Wants to spend tens of billions without commensurate cuts

A couple of weeks ago we reported that John Boehner was being backed by House Democrats in the face of a rumored leadership coup effort spurred by the libertarian/conservative coalition in the House GOP.

It’s easy to see why the Speaker gets support from the other side of the aisle. Mr. Boehner wants to spend a pile of money just like the Dem leadership before him. Sure the spending is more heavily weighted toward Republican friendly programs, but by and large with Boehner at the helm the taxpayer financed government train will roll on just just as it has.

Mr. Boehner has no intention of reducing the federal government footprint. Ever.

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