Longtime Republican strategist Mary Matalin says she changed her affiliation to the Libertarian Party on Thursday

But she still likes Trump?

See it’s going all crazytown in Washington DC. The presumed Republican nominee for president has appointed a guy with ties to George Soros as his finance chairman. An outed socialist has a legitimate (if long) shot at winning the Democratic nomination. And Mary Matalin (I worked on her show at America’s Voice as an intern) who worked closely with George Bush 1, George Bush 2, and Dick Cheney just registered as a Libertarian.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio urges New Yorkers to boycott Chick-fil-A

As a long standing libertarian I have absolutely no problem with gay marriage. As a long time fan of chicken sandwiches I have no problem with Chick-fil-A. As a long time fan of liberty I have no problem with a private company like Chick-fil-A opposing gay marriage. Also as a long time opponent of political busybodies I oppose Bill “the red” de Blasio’s grandstanding.

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A Look Into Washington’s Crony Dealmaking Process (How New Balance the shoe company was double crossed by the White House)

This has got to be the best mascot ever.

We covered this story a few weeks ago. New Balance, the shoe company, thought that it had a deal with the White House. If the company kept quiet about its opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership it in turn would get the de facto exclusive right to outfit the military with “made in America” running shoes. (New Balance makes 3 of its shoes in the USA.) But in the end the company was double crossed by the administration.

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That makes 5 vice presidents who have left in 3 months: Two Tesla Production Chiefs to Leave Ahead of Model 3 Ramp-Up

I have to admit I do love the gull wing doors. However the last taxpayer backed car with gull wing doors didn’t do so well.

We’ve said before that Elon Musk isn’t a crony king (other people hold that crown) but more of a crony prince. But he is a crony to be sure (no matter how much good press he gets) as many of his most famous endeavors hinge on government (taxpayer) funding. Tesla,

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‘Our economic system is designed to fail’ – Ron Paul

Indeed it is. Central planning always fails and make no mistake in many ways our economic system is “planned.” Not in the sense that it was planned in the Soviet Union but planned and controlled by the Federal Reserve through the manipulation of interest rates. The Fed creates malinvestment by trying to juice the economy. People over invest with cheap credit on office buildings, homes, cars, infrastructure projects and so on. Then when the reality of the economy hits this juiced economic situation failure occurs broadly.

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CIA director: There’s no need to release the 28 classified pages of the 9/11 report

Director Brennan says that it would be “unhelpful” to release the 28 pages of the September 11th report which some say implicate or at least connect official Saudidom.

My question is,”To whom would such declassification be unhelpful?” I’d say it might be quite helpful to historians and the American people who would like to get a complete picture of what happened on that day. On the other hand it might be unhelpful to people who would prefer to keep history muddled.

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Puerto Ricans Are Fleeing The Island En Masse As Debt Crisis Worsens

One can not blame these people. Call them internal economic refugees. It’s not unlike other parts of the United States where big local government and unsustainable patronage structures have collapsed. Puerto Rico is kind of like Detroit with palm trees in many respects.

The solution for Puerto Rico is similar to the solution for Detroit too. Basically they need to come to terms with default. The massive government employee system has to implode and a new economy, a free market,

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Chicago’s corruption tour for tourists

This guy (or someone like him) should set up one of these in Washington DC. I’ll bet it would do serious business. No joke. I’d go on it and I go to DC all the time. Just start at the Watergate and work one’s way to the Capitol.

As for Chicago it’s pretty amazing the amount of corruption which comes from the place. Some people even believe that Nixon would have been president in 1960 if it were not for vote rigging in the city.

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