People can fight back against planned obsolescence by fixing the tech we already own, but the consumer electronics industry isn’t making it easy

Part of capitalism is the market, the people, taking charge. If the “market” says it makes sense to fix something for whatever reason (environmental reasons, dollar cost, whatever) producers will react to it. They may go the crony route. They may lower prices. Or they may say, “Hey, the market is saying it wants goods which are more durable and repairable and we need to find out how to make money in such an environment.” Or they might do something else.

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CIA director apologizes after government spooks snooped on US Senate computers

Are oaths of office just for suckers these days?

Oops. Our bad.

Funny, the Senator who is most angry (or at least drove the inquiry of CIA actions) was Dianne Feinstein, Ms. Police State herself. She sure does hate it when she’s spied on. Now other Americans? Not such a big deal.

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