We need to know the algorithms the government uses to make important decisions about us

Good luck getting that information.

If one is in high school right now and one is considering which career path to take I strongly suggest learning how to write and manipulate algorithms. Our world is already deeply influenced by algos, from our social media to our grocery purchases. Their importance in our lives will only grow.

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5 Things ACA Supporters Don’t Want You To Know About UnitedHealth’s Withdrawal From ObamaCare


In another life I was a property and casualty insurance underwriter. I would assess risk and figure out if premiums for a given area were enough or too much. Was the company too exposed to hurricane damage? What about earthquakes? Balancing risk with premium was the name of the game.

Given my background I have never understood how Obamacare was going to “work.” Obamacare seemed (and is) an adverse selection machine. The sick are more likely to sign up and the healthy have shied from the program for any number of reasons.

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The Health Insurance Scam: “Coverage” Doesn’t Mean Affordability Or Access

We have maintained from the very beginning that Obamacare is a deeply and fundamentally crony program. It was passed using parliamentary tricks without even 1 vote from the GOP. It was written in conjunction with the the pharmaceutical and insurance lobbies. It was and is a giant adventure into political Boneheadistan and now many people are stuck with the system.

Super high deductibles and IRS fines are the order of the day for many middle and working class Americans.

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307,000 veterans died awaiting Veterans Affairs health care, report finds

Treating veterans is very expensive. I would hate to look at the projections the actuaries and accountants come up with each quarter at Veterans Affairs. At best they are a wash of nonsensical numbers. At worst (maybe not even the worst) the VA is actively factoring these people dying waiting for treatment.

My bet, and it’s only my bet, is that it’s a little bit of both. Regardless the Veterans Affairs administration appears to be nearly as sick as many of the veterans.

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Defense Department expected to announce the winner of a lucrative contract to overhaul the military’s electronic health records system this week

And guess what? The likely winner (according to this article) writes a lot of checks to politicians in Washington DC.

The goal here is big data. Managing population health – not your health necessarily. And people are going to make big bucks (taxpayer bucks) in the process.

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Obamacare Bonzanza: Fat times in the health insurance industry

The more complicated a government program, the more crony it is.

So let’s see…Obamacare has infused the health insurance companies with heaps and heaps of taxpayer dollars. Big Pharma has done almost equally as well under the cronycare regime. Premiums for terrible policies – which as I see it could largely be bought for the same or lower prices before Obamacare – are going up.

Yup, this thing worked out great.

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King v. Burwell, Supreme Court rules and “rewrites”, Obamacare subsidies in all states

King vs. Burwell decided whether Obamacare subsidies extend to those who live in states where “healthcare exchanges” haven’t been set up.

In what Justice Scalia says amounts to a “rewrite” of the law, the Supreme Court decided today, that such subsidies do in fact extend to people in all states whether or not they live in a state which has established an exchange.

The full text of the ruling can be read HERE.

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Doctors’ Criticism Of ObamaCare Silenced By ACA Bureaucrats

It is a crying shame that this country started down the socialized medicine road under LBJ. The introduction of government into healthcare was probably one of the 5 worst decisions we have made policy-wise as a country. And now we’ve doubled down with the crony capitalist Obamacare.

Who would want to become a doctor these days? The pay has been good. But the debt on the way to that pay is significant for most. And there is the very real possibility that salaries and fees for doctors will be federally regulated –

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