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The VA’s Socialist (fool’s) Paradise

There is a small part of the US population which clings to the dream of “single payer,” that is solely taxpayer funded healthcare. The belief is that everyone will be covered without so much as a co-pay (God forbid) and that the quality of care will be equivalent to what one can expect in the United States now. (Which could be much better.) Yes, because we are America, suddenly economic reality will be suspended and everyone will be treated without any prices to guide treatment. Just let the state handle everything (It handles too much now, that’s why healthcare is so expensive, not the “profit motive.” We have a crony healthcare system and have had one for decades.) and no problem because everything the government touches is done so well.

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Fine Whine at the Federal Trough

The folks at the National Institutes for Health are pretty much convinced that the world would stop turning if it was shut down. The medical Brahmans in Bethesda Maryland know that if just enough taxpayer money is thrown at them the world’s ills will disappear eventually. But “eventually” seems to be a very long time.

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Applying for Obamacare a red tape hassle

3 agencies (including the IRS of course) will review one’s application. The application is over 10 pages long. What are the chances that in 10 years the form will be even longer and more complex?

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Is Healthcare Just Like Water?

That is what Alex Marshall suggests below. He says that government provides free water and it is just a matter of time before it is accepted that government will provide free healthcare.

Of course it is never free. But let’s not worry about that. The real problem here is that water is water while healthcare has to be defined by someone. It isn’t brought up from a well. It is an idea which has to be fleshed out to become an actual service. Then someone needs to deliver that service.

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