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Al Gore may run for president again in 2016?

There you go guys. Hillary is in serious trouble. Biden’s about to jump into the shark tank. Looks like maybe Gore is too. These guys (and their sponsors) can not fathom Bernie Sanders getting the nomination. Seriously, what do you think is going on at Goldman Sachs these days?

Biden and Gore figure they are in fact the heirs apparent if Ms. Clinton doesn’t make it to the debates which at this point is a real possibility.

Just remember, among other things, Al Gore, Mr. Green, sold his TV network Current TV to a bunch of oil barons from Qatar for $100 million. What do you think the ongoing carbon footprint is on that deal? And then there’s the whole massage business of course.

Wonder if Megyn Kelly is going to moderate any of the Democratic debates? We’ll bet not.

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How Big Business Is Lining Up With Hillary (More “nudge” bull)


Top Contributors

Senator Hillary Clinton

Citigroup Inc $782,327 $774,327 $8,000
Goldman Sachs $711,490 $701,490 $10,000
DLA Piper $628,030 $601,030 $27,000
JPMorgan Chase & Co $620,919 $617,919 $3,000
EMILY’s List $605,174 $601,254 $3,920
Morgan Stanley $543,065 $538,065 $5,000
Time Warner $411,296 $386,296 $25,000
Skadden, Arps et al $406,640 $402,140 $4,500
Lehman Brothers $362,853 $359,853 $3,000
Cablevision Systems $336,288 $306,900 $29,388
University of California $329,673 $329,673 $0
Kirkland & Ellis $311,441 $294,441 $17,000
Squire Patton Boggs $310,596 $305,158 $5,438
21st Century Fox $302,400 $302,400 $0
National Amusements Inc $297,534 $294,534 $3,000
Ernst & Young $297,142 $277,142 $20,000
Merrill Lynch $292,303 $286,303 $6,000
Credit Suisse Group $290,600 $280,600 $10,000
Corning Inc $274,700 $256,700 $18,000
Greenberg Traurig LLP $273,550 $265,450 $8,100

From OpenSecrets.org


And if you have any question where official Washington is in its general disposition one need only look at the secondary headline of the attached article.

“Both are looking for ways to make the nation richer by helping … ordinary workers.”

This is what passes for political journalism in some circles folks. Granted it is an editorial from a guy at Envest.

The article is pretty blatant in it’s call for crony capitalism. Of course this crony capitalism is shrouded in words like “climate” and “invest” and “virtuous cycle(s).” You see if the government just “incentivises” industry, that is if government takes money from tax payers and gives it to companies which do what certain people think are “good”, the world will sprout rainbows and the children of the world will join hands in a chorus of kumbaya.

You see big business and Hillary are just trying to help “ordinary workers.” 

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This is why Hillary’s losing: The issue Jeb Bush and Donald Trump understand, which may keep Clinton from the White House

An interesting and somewhat desperate statement on corruption from a fan big government in Salon.

Thing is, as we say often, government is inherently corrupt. One can’t just get “good people” into office and then things will change. Government must itself be reduced.

Yes this means that many big modern liberal dreams must be abandoned.

I do not write this flippantly. I understand that this would constitute a political sea change.

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Daily Mail: Clintons’ charities got £50million of British aid cash: UK government accused of trying to buy influence with US power family

Tens of millions of pounds of UK aid money has been siphoned through charities linked to Hillary Clinton, it emerged last night.

British politicians – including Gordon Brown – stand accused of diverting huge amounts of cash through the organisations after falling under the spell of the US presidential candidate and her husband Bill.

At least £50 million of taxpayer-funded foreign aid money has gone to Clinton charities, which are at the centre of allegations in the US that foreign governments used donations to buy influence.

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National Review Reports: Hillary’s brother and the family business

From the moment the Clintons walked through the White House doors in January of 1993, Rodham has proven remarkably adept at harnessing their political horsepower for his personal gain. His schemes don’t always pan out, and they have caused numerous headaches for Hillary and Bill. But Rodham’s fortunes have always been tied to theirs, his bank account waxing and waning in time with the Clintons’ political prospects. He may lack their sophistication, but to many observers, Tony is the unvarnished embodiment of the Clintons’ decades-long dance with crony capitalism.

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“We were thinking, ‘O.K., Qaddafi is dead, or about to be, and there’s opportunities,’

The New York Times reports on the the dealings of one Sidney Blumenthal, Bill Clinton White House confidant, who saw dollars to be made in a post Qaddafi Libya. He was advising Secretary of State Clinton at the time. (In an unofficial capacity.)

Mr. Blumenthal (it appears) was looking to cash in on his relationship with Ms. Clinton.

Not many fortunes made in Libya, aside from Qaddafi’s. Looks like Blumenthal learned this.

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