Clinton says she’ll release Goldman speeches when others release their private speeches, Howard Dean attack Sanders’s union support?

“Labor unions are super PACs. Now they’re super PACs that we like, so Democrats don’t go after labor unions.” -Howard Dean

This is not a bad rhetorical tack as it is basically the only one Hillary has if she wants to continue to hide the transcripts. (By the way, there has got to be someone who recorded those speeches on their phone. Must be.)

And Howard Dean, Mr., Mr. “Progressive” is attacking Bernie Sanders for his connections to unions?

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Napolitano: Hillary Clinton is now “a likely target” of an FBI criminal investigation

Judge Napolitano weighs in on whether Ms. Clinton will even make it to the convention next year.  It’s hard to imagine the FBI blowing up Hillary’s candidacy especially given the current executive. But who knows. It’s been a strange race.

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Washington Post: Inside the Clinton Donor Network

OK future Washington hacks – Dem, GOP and otherwise, this is how you do it. Actually, it’s probably best that you skip this article now that I think about it.

The rest of our readers however, the ones who are actually sane, who would never willingly spend their lives in a blind quest for power, should read this article. Bill and Hillary have raised $3 billion in their careers. That’s a hell of a lot of money and it all came from people who wanted something.

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“Groundwork” The political “startup” funded by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt for the sole purpose of electing Hillary Clinton president

This, is honest to goodness the logo for Groundwork, Hillary Clinton’s big data company sponsored by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. Nothing sinister about it.

This is crony tech. A company which is headed by Google’s chairman whose sole purpose is the election of Hillary Clinton to the office of president throbs in Brooklyn. Engineers, software and other sorts work night and day for Ms. Clinton. Resources are poured in. Numbers and data crunched. Much of this data one can presume comes from Google itself.

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