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Hillary’s Wall Street backers: We know she has to placate the serfs with populist rhetoric

Everyone on Wall Street knows that Hillary is there for them. Sure she’s going to talk a good lefty-populist game but everyone knows that it’s bull. It’s part of the game. Tell the “politically unsophisticated” whatever they want to hear. People will forget. They always do. Accountability? Shoot this is 2015, post bailout. Accountability is for suckers.

Having a hard time making your car payment? Oh I understand. I eat at Chipotle too. Late on rent? CEOs make too much money!

Just say whatever. The American people are too “politically unsophisticated” to realize they’re being played. Ready for Hillary!

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More Crony Media: Reporters give Hillary Clinton a standing ovation

What are these reporters thinking? OK, I get that the old media is populated with generally statist big government leaning journalists, but given what we know Ms. Clinton has done (just recently) any objective person has to consider such an ovation as being in bad taste.  The email scandal which in theory could have jeopardized national security, the gifts from foreign governments and companies to the Clinton Foundation while Ms. Clinton was Secretary of State, the enormous “speaking fees” are all quite problematic. Is a standing ovation, particularly from “journalists” really warranted? I mean I think its pretty terrible that a group of reporters would give any politician a standing ovation, but Ms. Clinton? There is just no excuse. She has a history.

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Allegations of pay (The Clinton Foundation) to play from former Clinton advisor

Dick Morris says that the United Arab Emirates has poured millions into the Clinton political machine. He says the gravy train started in 2002. Back when the Clintons were dead broke according to Ms. Clinton. (Sorry but I’m not going to forget that line from her.) A few million dollars from the Persian Gulf state I’m sure helped the destitute couple from Arkansas pay a few outstanding bills.

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We asked Clinton donors why they gave. Here’s what they said

Why oh why would all these foreign companies and political muckety mucks want to give hundreds of thousands (in some cases millions) to a foundation controlled by a former Secretary of State who might be the next president of the United States? Do they really believe in the Clinton Foundation mission?

It appears that they do.

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An Inside Job? : Bill Clinton reportedly thinks the Obama White House leaked the Hillary email story

When the Clinton email story broke I have to admit that this was one of the first things I thought.

It is widely believed that the Clintons and the Obamas do not like each other. Additionally the Obama political people think Hillary Clinton isn’t liberal enough. (Think about that folks.) And there is plenty of bad blood from 2008.

It’s the same old Obama chip on the shoulder thing, only this time his ire (reportedly) is directed at the likely Democratic nominee for president.


Ed Klein reports below that Bill Clinton thinks Mrs. Clinton’s current troubles stem directly from the White House. Remember, this story really took off after The New York Times and MSNBC, 2 stalwart allies of this White House (well one is an ally, the other is basically a mouthpiece)  covered it. It didn’t come from Fox or Breitbart.

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Hillary’s Gruber state of mind: ABC: The “honor system” will have to be implemented with regard to Clinton’s emails during her time as Secretary of State. (Video)

Hillary Clinton thinks, it’s fairly clear at this point, that the American people are idiots. That they can be duped. It depends on what the definition of “law” is.

Ms. Clinton, like her brother in bs Jonathan Gruber thinks that she is above the law, part of the ruling class, free to do as she wishes. She personally comes before the country, or the law, her former office, decency, or honor and she thinks the same stuff that flew in in the 1990s will fly again now.

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Gawker: “Clinton used the email account ([email protected]) to conceal official correspondence.”

Dun dun dun…

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