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National Review Reports: Hillary’s brother and the family business

From the moment the Clintons walked through the White House doors in January of 1993, Rodham has proven remarkably adept at harnessing their political horsepower for his personal gain. His schemes don’t always pan out, and they have caused numerous headaches for Hillary and Bill. But Rodham’s fortunes have always been tied to theirs, his bank account waxing and waning in time with the Clintons’ political prospects. He may lack their sophistication, but to many observers, Tony is the unvarnished embodiment of the Clintons’ decades-long dance with crony capitalism.

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“We were thinking, ‘O.K., Qaddafi is dead, or about to be, and there’s opportunities,’

The New York Times reports on the the dealings of one Sidney Blumenthal, Bill Clinton White House confidant, who saw dollars to be made in a post Qaddafi Libya. He was advising Secretary of State Clinton at the time. (In an unofficial capacity.)

Mr. Blumenthal (it appears) was looking to cash in on his relationship with Ms. Clinton.

Not many fortunes made in Libya, aside from Qaddafi’s. Looks like Blumenthal learned this.

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VOX Reports: 181 Clinton Foundation donors who lobbied Hillary’s State Department

That’s not illegal, but it is scandalous.

There’s a household name at the nexus of the foundation and the State Department for every letter of the alphabet but “X” (often more than one): Anheuser-Busch, Boeing, Chevron, (John) Deere, Eli Lilly, FedEx, Goldman Sachs, HBO, Intel, JP Morgan, Lockheed Martin, Monsanto, NBC Universal, Oracle, Procter & Gamble, Qualcomm, Rotary International, Siemens, Target, Unilever, Verizon, Walmart, Yahoo, and Ze-gen.

The set includes oil, defense, drug, tech, and news companies, as well as labor unions and foreign interests. It includes organizations as innocuous as the Girl Scouts and those as in need of brand-burnishing as Nike, which was once forced to vow that it would end the use of child labor in foreign sweatshops. This list of donors to the Clinton foundation who lobbied State matters because it gives a sense of just how common it was for influence-seekers to give to the Clinton Foundation, and exactly which ones did.

Here are the top ten.

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Clinton Foundation reaps windfall from double standard

Imagine if you or I had a mining deal stuck in red tape deep in the heart of Somewheristan and we just happened to give a million dollars to a charity which was closely associated with the Minister of Mines, Dirt Movement, and Bribery in Somewheristan. Think that would be OK under US law? It wouldn’t be. The Justice Department would be all over you.

The Wall Street Journal reports however that things are a little different when it’s money coming from overseas and into the USA under what some would consider similar circumstances.

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Uh oh, Schweizer’s got a new book out, ‘Clinton Cash’

Hillary’s got a lot of it that’s for sure. No longer are she and Bill “dead broke.”

Their foundation over the past decade has attracted hundreds of millions of dollars from around the world. That Ms. Clinton was Secretary of State and a potential future president had nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation becoming the behemoth of capital it has become. That was only a coincidence.

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Hillary’s Wall Street backers: We know she has to placate the serfs with populist rhetoric

Everyone on Wall Street knows that Hillary is there for them. Sure she’s going to talk a good lefty-populist game but everyone knows that it’s bull. It’s part of the game. Tell the “politically unsophisticated” whatever they want to hear. People will forget. They always do. Accountability? Shoot this is 2015, post bailout. Accountability is for suckers.

Having a hard time making your car payment? Oh I understand. I eat at Chipotle too. Late on rent? CEOs make too much money!

Just say whatever. The American people are too “politically unsophisticated” to realize they’re being played. Ready for Hillary!

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More Crony Media: Reporters give Hillary Clinton a standing ovation

What are these reporters thinking? OK, I get that the old media is populated with generally statist big government leaning journalists, but given what we know Ms. Clinton has done (just recently) any objective person has to consider such an ovation as being in bad taste.  The email scandal which in theory could have jeopardized national security, the gifts from foreign governments and companies to the Clinton Foundation while Ms. Clinton was Secretary of State, the enormous “speaking fees” are all quite problematic. Is a standing ovation, particularly from “journalists” really warranted? I mean I think its pretty terrible that a group of reporters would give any politician a standing ovation, but Ms. Clinton? There is just no excuse. She has a history.

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