Glenn Greenwald Bashes “Neocon” Hillary Clinton, “Americans love to mock the idea of monarchy, and yet we have our own de facto monarchy.”


All hail her Highness, and Excellency Hillary Rodham Clinton…Now bow…

Greenwald expresses a sentiment not far from one I expressed recently.

Ms. Clinton will likely be the next president despite being a hugely corporate sponsored candidate with a long history of integrity issues. (To say the least.) People will celebrate her candidacy and her election as yet more “progress” for America. Oh happy day, a new face – and gender – is put on the same system of citizen disenfranchisement.

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Did Hillary Clinton act as “international saleswoman” for Boeing Corp while Secretary of State?

Looks like we found something Hillary actually did while Secretary of State. She helped secure a nice fat deal for Boeing with a Russian state owned company. She did some good work in China too. The Washington Post, not exactly an anti-Clinton news outlet even called her an “international saleswoman” for Boeing.

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It’s (nearly) official: Wall Street GOP cronies fear Rand Paul, would support Hillary instead

We’ve been saying this for months. If Wall Street Republicans can’t get Christie or Jeb Bush they’ll defect to Hillary Clinton. They won’t support Paul. Clinton will protect the bankers and is already nice and cozy with them. Clinton has defended the bailout paid for by taxpayers which enriched much of lower Manhattan.

Rand Paul in contrast has said that the Wall Street bailout was “anything but conservative.” The banks don’t want anyone who will question the banking system as it is now.

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Colorado 2016 poll: Rand Paul beats Hillary Clinton (By a lot.)

A defining moment.

Colorado is a political bellwether. It is an interesting mix of rural and city, hippie and frontierspeople, gun nuts and gun control laws, new west and old west. It is perhaps the purplist of purple states. And right now Rand Paul is not quite crushing Hillary Clinton, but soundly ahead of her in this very important electoral state.

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More Crony Media: Clinton signs deal with Latino TV powerhouse Univision

You may remember that NBC was going to do a mini-series featuring Hilary Clinton but backed down in the face of a groundswell of criticism. Another network however, Univision, has readily embraced the presumptive Democratic nominee for president. The Hispanic network just signed a deal with the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation to promote “Pequeños y Valiosos” (Young and Valuable) which helps young presumably Spanish speaking children learn English (?)  Seems like a reasonable thing to support for sure.

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NBC’s Mitchell: Hillary Wooed Big Donors at State Dept Events

“Don’t you understand?… I’m Hillary Clinton…You can’t take me down. I deserve to be president. That’s why it doesn’t matter.”


“You know Mr./Mrs. Bigshotmoneybags, I’m Secretary of State now. But soon I’ll be president. I am a very good friend to have, as I know you know. Did I ever tell you about the $100,000 I made on cattle futures? Ah, yes, now just a couple of speaking fees these days. Much more efficient. And legal.

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Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) has labeled President Obama a “corporatist.” Says O has moved “Right.” What does “Right” even mean these days?

Schweitzer is trying to “out progressive” Hillary Clinton and other challengers by throwing some bombs. In this case–at least on the corporatist charge–a bomb of truth.

But he heads into the bushes when he asserts that Obama has moved “Right.”

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Hillary Clinton reaps $450,000 fee for speech at Chicago Mercantile Exchange meeting

Another speech. The price was even higher for this one.

We’ve heard of people getting outrageous speaking fees before. Ms. Clinton and her husband have made a small industry of it. But ask yourself why a group would pay half a million dollars to someone to hear someone speak for 45 minutes?

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D.C. executive linked to secret 2008 aid to Hillary Clinton

For crying out loud. All these people just reek of corruption. They are convinced that you will say, “It’s OK, that’s politics.” They bank on that. They think that the average person will just go back to their commute, and their kid’s soccer games on the weekends, and their TV, and their job in the cubicle, and the ruling class will just get to do whatever it wants to.

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Gov. Christie worried he can’t raise big bucks from financial firms based in New Jersey (due to “pay to play” laws)

The view from Weehawken New Jersey. Just a short helicopter ride to the center of the financial universe.


“Pay to play” laws restrict presidential candidates from taking money from investment firms which do business in the home state of a particular candidate. This is a problem for Christie as a number of large banks are based in New Jersey, right across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

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More crony media: NBC will soon air a miniseries about Hillary Clinton

We give the Dems a hard time here, and we give the GOP a hard time too.  Both parties engage in crony capitalism all the time, but in slightly different ways. The #oldmedia however have been and will likely to continue to be in the bag for the Democrats. I think this is a fair thing to say.

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“What difference does it make?” Hillary Clinton cashing in on speaking circuit, worth over $100 million now.

A good piece of that $100 million comes from the speaking her husband has done since leaving office. But Ms. Clinton is doing her best to catch up to ole’ Bill. I can’t imagine why companies and organizations would want to pay $200,000 for a one hour speech by someone who might again have access to the power of the presidency.

We’ve come a long way from cattle futures in Arkansas.

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The Benghazi Hearings and Crony Media

A reporter for CBS who last year was about the only #oldmedia reporter to cover the “Fast and Furious” scandal in any depth, has been chastised by CBS management for coming “dangerously close to advocacy” because of her tenacious coverage of the Benghazi story. And Lord knows no one at CBS news has ever been an open advocate for anyone. Let’s all be thankful Dan Rather has been tossed into the dustbin of history.

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