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Let’s all give thanks for our rogue founders, dissidents, gamblers, hunters, moonshiners, speculators

It’s easy to forget in this time of political correctness, in this time of regulated EVERYTHING, in this time of Black Friday sales, and Oprah Winfrey Shows, airbags, and helicopter parents that this country used to be a very rough and tumble place – and it wasn’t all bad. Indeed America was a blank canvas for many, full of opportunity as much as peril. America was a place where peasants came and carved out a living, in the hopes of achieving much more than just a living. Some, many, of them achieved real wealth. Something which could never have been achieved in Europe where society was stratified and barriers to entry of all sorts abounded.

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The Rise of the GOP New Wave (Part 1)

This is part 1 of an extended essay on the rise of what I call the “New Wave” in the Republican party . We are a non-partisan organization at AgainstCronyCapitalism.org and this bit of analysis should not be construed as an endorsement of the GOP (or any other political party)  in whatever form in any way. 

However I feel that the emergence of the “New Wave” is the most important development in American domestic politics today. The “conservative” party of the United States is in the midst of an historic shift. I wanted to document my thoughts on this shift.


Part 1

Probably the most important recent development in domestic American politics is the emergence of the “New Wave” within the Republican Party. Led by Rand Paul in the Senate but with numbers growing in both Houses of Congress, and most importantly in the Party outside of Washington DC, this new group of small government acolytes are engaging in a protracted battle for the Grand Old Party. They are very likely to win.

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