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DHS records describe Mexican government helicopters entering US, firing on Border Patrol

How is this not a huge story?

Well, we know why it’s not a huge story. This sort of thing throws a wrench into the current illegal immigration narrative. Specifically that we as Americans shouldn’t be concerned with what is happening along our southern border. That we have a crony government – far “cronier” than even the USA – sending waves of folks northward while its helicopters fire on US border agents is not a big deal.

We are pro-immigration here. We believe people – all people – should be free to pursue happiness. Sometimes that means moving across borders. But are we a country or are we not a country?

(From The Examiner)

After having to fight for almost a year for the Obama administration to “come clean,” the top public-interest group in the United States that routinely investigates and exposes government corruption and cover-ups on Tuesday reported that it finally obtained documents from the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) directorate. The files describe a shocking Southwest Border incident in which helicopters allegedly belonging to the government of Mexico flew across the border into the United States — Arizona — and opened fire on Border Patrol agents on American soil.

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More Operation Choke Point: FDIC Unfairly Targeted Legal Businesses

This is the sort of thing which happens when the country has an Attorney General with an ax to grind. (Lord, don’t they all? But the current one is worse than usual.) Holder had a whole list of businesses he (and presumably the president) didn’t like. He and the Justice Department (sic) therefore decided to target these legal companies through “Operation Chokepoint.” The DOJ found ways to put the squeeze on gun dealers, ammo dealers, porn, tobacco dealers, etc. These are LEGAL companies, but Holder wanted to kill them anyway.

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EX-CBS reporter: Government-related entity bugged my computer

More fallout from the Sharyl Attkinson book. She says she was illegally tracked on her computer and that according to a source at least one “government entity” had access to her Skype account, financial records, and pretty much everything else.

She also said that someone planted classified documents in her hard drive.

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