Justice Department to end Obama-era ‘Operation Choke Point’

“Operation Choke Point” was one of the most crony programs of Obama’s deeply crony 8 years. (Why are some people still surprised when Obama’s cronyism is pointed out? It’s weird.)

Choke Point was about putting pressure on banks to stop doing business with legitimate businesses, like gun manufacturers etc. And the banks largely complied because they got their bailout a few years ago and because they didn’t want the Feds breathing down their necks.

It was crony bullying from the Justice Department and thankfully this horrible scheme is now dead.

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California Hires Eric Holder to Counter Trump

California continues to descend into one party status. In the once Golden State there is one political game and that is the Democrat game. Actually one could almost call the Democratic Party the California Party at this point given how the Democratic party has been pushed to the margins of the United States. California constituted the single largest landmass in the 2016 ‘Clinton Archipelago”.

It is important to make the point that coastal California is the Dem bastion that it is not only because people there are generally inclined to vote Democrat.

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Obama, Holder to lead post-Trump redistricting campaign

Oh hooray, the Chicago politics will linger on still. Expand the crony political machine. Get more people hooked on welfare of various forms. Lawyer it up and make sure that voter ID, a simple requirement, is fought at every turn. (I wonder why some fight this anti-corruption effort so fervently?) The Alinskyites aren’t just going to go away. They want to infect all of our system with their urban machine tactics.

Big government. Big dependence. Big politicians. Big corruption.

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Cashing In and Shaking Down: Airbnb hires Eric Holder to develop anti-discrimination policy

The fact that Elizabeth Warren and a few other Democratic senators are shaking down the company might have something to do with this new hire. This is business today. Just like Uber did, Airbnb has hired a White House crony for official cover. It’s Chicago politics writ large.

Pay me and you get to play.

(From The Hill)

“Airbnb is committed to building a community where everyone can belong,

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DHS records describe Mexican government helicopters entering US, firing on Border Patrol

How is this not a huge story?

Well, we know why it’s not a huge story. This sort of thing throws a wrench into the current illegal immigration narrative. Specifically that we as Americans shouldn’t be concerned with what is happening along our southern border. That we have a crony government – far “cronier” than even the USA – sending waves of folks northward while its helicopters fire on US border agents is not a big deal.

We are pro-immigration here.

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Obama’s least favorite Democratic senator is indicted on corruption charges

Look, Menendez appears to have been involved in some pretty shady stuff, as we’ve chronicled. But one has to wonder whether the indictment would have been handed down had the senator not been so vocally critical of the president on Iran.

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Washington is coming for your personal data (And it’s not just the NSA)

Of course it is.

Please please please tell me how the below action is constitutional.

We are citizens. The government needs probable cause and then a warrant to go through our stuff and even then it is to be limited. That is the LAW. Yet law enforcement wants this cyber dragnet.

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Congress Finally To Investigate Holder’s Bank Shakedown Settlements

Well, it’s about time.

Truly this administration has charted a bizarre path with regard to the big banks. One day Wall Street and the White House are buddies. The next day the banks are portrayed as villains. It’s been an odd tango of money, power, and domestic realpolitik.

Very Chicago.

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More Operation Choke Point: FDIC Unfairly Targeted Legal Businesses

This is the sort of thing which happens when the country has an Attorney General with an ax to grind. (Lord, don’t they all? But the current one is worse than usual.) Holder had a whole list of businesses he (and presumably the president) didn’t like. He and the Justice Department (sic) therefore decided to target these legal companies through “Operation Chokepoint.” The DOJ found ways to put the squeeze on gun dealers, ammo dealers, porn,

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IRS Admits: We Haven’t Bothered to Search For Lois Lerner’s “Missing” Emails

Somebody please tell me how this is so? Not why it’s so. I think we all know that. But how, after all this time, after all the attention, that no one at the IRS has tried to find Learner’s emails?

This stinks to the stratosphere.

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EX-CBS reporter: Government-related entity bugged my computer

More fallout from the Sharyl Attkinson book. She says she was illegally tracked on her computer and that according to a source at least one “government entity” had access to her Skype account, financial records, and pretty much everything else.

She also said that someone planted classified documents in her hard drive.

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A real look inside the Crony Media: Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson shows us in her new book

Even many of my liberal friends now acknowledge a strong statist bias in the #oldmedia. It’s not just how stories are reported but perhaps more importantly WHAT STORIES are reported.

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