Keynesian Central Bank Craziness Causing Insane Asset Bubbles In Real Estate

If you’ve got a 50 million dollar house in London, New York, or Monaco things are looking pretty good for you. Of course they were already probably looking pretty good.  Funny how that works. It’s nice to have access to the Fed window.

Of course many of us in the real estate sub-tiers continue to see little or no growth in the price of our homes, Indeed, adjusted for inflation many people continue to lose money year over year.

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Sweet home Chicago? Houses to be plowed under using eminent domain to build casinos.

You can say one thing for the gangsters who ran the gambling halls and gin joints in Chicago in the 1920s. They never forced an entire neighborhood out of their homes. Today’s Chicagoland government has no such qualms however.

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Don’t Rebuild Beach Houses With Taxpayer Money: The Case of Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island after Hurricane Katrina


We have written before about the fact that beach houses, at least those right on the beach, make no sense from an environmental or economic standpoint.

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