Michelle Obama Tells Oprah: ‘Now We’re Feeling What Not Having Hope Feels Like’

Really? Because that isn’t how a vast swathe of America, small business, the stock market, and much of the world feels.

We are neutral on Trump (and we have plenty of beefs) but Obama by pretty much any measure has been a failed president. I’d say for many many people, at least as far as the presidency is concerned – hope – is objectively on the upswing now that Obama’s departure is imminent.

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Washington Post: Once the hope candidate, Obama in his final days faces a hopeless electorate

That this image was embraced by Obama fans for a while really weirded me out. It reeks of radical leftism, and an “El Jefe” style of politics. (Which Obama did try to employ.)


I’ve seen a few articles like this in the past couple of months. As the sun sets (mercifully) on the Obama administration, a largely failed administration, his supporters and former supporters are looking around and asking, “What went wrong?”

What’s interesting is that many of the people looking around bewildered now really did think that the TEA Party was some sort of reaction to a black president. 

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‘HOPE’ Poster Artist Doesn’t Think Obama Lived Up to the Hype or ‘Hope’

Many of us in 2008 watched the election in disbelief. Some people really were buying what Obama was selling. A lot of people were buying it. And given that the main alternative was John McCain it almost made sense.

Soon the most statist president in a generation, a product of Alinskyite Chicago politics no less, was in the White House.

What many of our friends on the more statist side of the political spectrum don’t understand is that people didn’t throw up because Obama was a black guy.

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‘Young Americans for Liberty’ Aim to Be Players in 2014 Elections

As we have said before we believe that the libertarian movement is the most important movement in American politics right now, perhaps for more than a generation. It is also arguably the most important movement in world politics.

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