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Yes it’s true Bloomberg.com says, The big banks do get an $83 billion subsidy from taxpayers

Last month Bloomberg.com stated in an editorial that the big banks enjoy a massive “too big to fail” subsidy created by Dodd-Frank. Other banks will lend to banks with a TBTF designation at a lower rate than they would otherwise because they know that a TBTF bank is ultimately backstopped by the taxpayer. Incredibly the subsidy constitutes nearly all of the profitability of the banking sector.

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George Will Says Break Up the Big Banks

The mega-banks are “mega” because the government helped make them that way. Instead of letting the big banks fail in 2008, Hank Paulson swept in and backstopped them, bailed them out, even though the market was trying to correct for years of stupidity both from Wall Street and Washington. The universe wanted to break up the cartel, but the government would not let it.

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