DC, the Crony Capital, land of the $600,000 starter home

This is a theme on which we have long focused. The wealthiest area of the United States by far is the Washington DC metro area.

There are pockets which are wealthier, Greenwich Connecticut, much of Manhattan, parts of San Francisco, but these are pockets. DC is a vast empire of 1% wealth. County after county. Mcmasion after mcmansion. Wealth is largely taken from the rest of the United States, is aggregated in the hands of unfireable federal employees (average total compensation is $120K+) and to an even larger extent (the money’s larger) into the hands of the vast crony class which dominates defense,

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Our Crony Capital: D.C. awash in contracts, lobbying wealth

If one wants to get paid and one is OK with suckling at the teet of the American taxpayer, DC is the place to do it. It is the capital from The Hunger Games movie. It is here that the wealth of our nation is aggregated. The hinterlands pay their tribute to the massive bureautropolis which straddles the Beltway and stretches into the countryside of Virginia and Maryland.

In the opinion of many in Washington, you the American citizens,

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Hunger Games Economics: Washington Sees Incomes Soar as Most of U.S. Declines

I can tell you as one who spends a fair amount of time in Washington DC that times are good in and around the District. I’ve lived in the suburbs of the place for nearly 20 years (I can’t believe that I just wrote that) and I have never seen as many Teslas, Maseratis, Ferarris, and high end Mercedes Benzes driving down Constitution Avenue as I do now. The place isn’t littered with them, but they are pretty common. More common than in your home town it’s probably safe to say.

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Welcome to the “Hunger Games economy,” Living in Bernanke’s Box

For those who don’t know, The Hunger Games is is a series of very popular books, the first of the books was recently made into a movie.

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Liberal New York Magazine lambastes the Washington DC establishment (Especially the “liberal” part)

I do find it interesting that there are people who believe, even today, that there is such a thing as “good government.” Good government, as the term is most often used, is a myth. It does not exist and at least in Washington DC, cannot exist.

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Washington DC is Boomtown Paid for by Taxpayers

If you haven’t seen the movie The Hunger Games you should. It is the story of how a capital city, an imperial city really, manages the provinces of a country through humiliation and intimidation. I won’t go more into the plot but I will say that the capital city in the movie is quite like Washington DC these days.

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