As Trump contemplates increased military spending let’s take a moment watch this warning from President (General) Eisenhower (VIDEO)

The Pentagon is an area that should see massive cuts. Historic cuts. I say this as a military brat and as one who has  beloved family in the military. The military should be much smaller and much more efficient. As technology has ramped up there are large areas to cut. So cut them.

But you know what should be much smaller still? That massive post military career works program called The Military Industrial Complex. For some reason there is the assumption that after the military military people should work for defense contractors.

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Eisenhower’s Timeless Virtues: If only more presidents aspired to do less.

If only. Truly the world would be a better place.

Ike is actually a guy I have come to like more and more over the years. He and I would not have seen eye to eye on many things, but he seems to have been thoughtful and sane. (2 things which appear to be in short supply with many of today’s “leaders.”) His farewell speech on the dangers of the Military Industrial Complex should be seen by anyone who cares about this country.

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The Military is Big Government Too, “Defense” Prepares for Deep Cuts, It’s About Time

Every time I write about this topic, someone gets irritated and explains to me that “defense” is actually enumerated in the Constitution and so is a valid expenditure of taxpayer money.

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