How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration (OR: How the Dems sold out the American working class for votes and favor from corporations)

The whole “open borders” stance with the Democrats is new – as is documented in this excellent if ultimately wrong headed article in The Atlantic. When I was growing up it was conservatives – of the economic sort primarily – who called for more immigration. (This was always a point of conflict with socialcons however.) Why restrict human capital as we sought to unleash other types of capital? If there are jobs at a certain wage level why not let people cross the border and fill those jobs?

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Nigel Farage – You’re In For a Bigger Shock in 2017

We are for immigration. We are for legal immigration particularly. Immigration can help make a society vital and dynamic. It also on occasion can create great unease.

We post this video because if the survey Mr. Farage cites is correct, that only 20% of Europeans want to continue to allow immigration from Muslim countries, then an EU Parliament that is wedded to open borders is indeed in for a shock in 2017.

Is immigration the issue that does the European Union in?

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Leaked: Inside the George Soros plan to exploit the refugee crisis to further his agenda

In the emails the Soros organization outlines how it uses international organizations to influence (and we assume overwhelm) national policy and sovereignty on immigration issues.

We at ACC are for immigration. But we are also for US sovereignty. There are many people in the world who would like to take the United States down a few pegs (as they see it) and integrate it into a more “international” legal regime. George Soros is one of these people.

Given the hits we have taken to the rule of law in this country in recent years a more “international”

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Rubio’s Failure: How Our Broken Economy Fuels Voter Rage

Rubio post-mortems miss the point. In the end, it is just more fall-out from crony capitalism.

None of the post-mortems of Rubio’s campaign I have seen mention the real reason why the young senator, so articulate, so successful, recently touted as the future of his party, never got launch speed in his campaign for the presidency. It is actually Senator Charles Schumer’s (D-NY) handiwork, aided and abetted by Rubio’s misjudgment.

Shortly after the 2012 election, the GOP was worrying about Romney’s poor showing among Hispanics.

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Poll: Voters Strongly Reject Letting Illegal Immigrants Vote

Look, immigration is a good thing. It helps bring vitality to the economy (or at least it can). We are as they say a “nation of immigrants.”  But we are also supposed to respect the rule of law. How, really, can there be any debate around allowing non-citizens the right to vote?

(From Rasmussen Reports)

Mayor Bill de Blasio has proposed allowing illegal immigrants to vote for mayor and other top city officials in New York City.

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Lew Rockwell: Open Borders Are an Assault on Private Property

This is an interesting essay generally but particularly as it comes from Lew Rockwell who is a longtime thought leader within the libertarian movement.

There is considerable debate around the issue of immigration among the pro-liberty crowd. Some see immigration as a freedom of movement issue. That movement across arbitrary lines in the dirt defined by the state as “borders” is not of terrible concern. Human capital should be able to flow like any other type of capital.

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Lawlessness? Obama to continue with amnesty despite court injunction, DHS to take on new powers

This is third world stuff here. I am sad to see such a power grab in my country.

So there are 4 options on the table, all in defiance of the court order. One even grants official Employment Authorization Documents to everyone in the United States illegally. Everyone.

As we’ve said many times we are for immigration, particularly of the legal kind. But this is Obama flouting (that’s the kindest word we can use) the law.

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Feds dangle $12,000 bonus to firms that hire foreign students

What is the logic here? If businesses want to keep foreign students in the USA let them do it. (They of course can and do, often.) The company can help the prospective employee get a visa and voila, new employee with engineering skills. But why on Earth is the federal government putting American born engineering grads at a disadvantage to students from overseas?

We are very much for immigration generally. We think new brains which add to this country are a good thing.

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How a U.S. Visa-for-Cash Plan Funds Luxury Apartment Buildings

Got some money to invest? Are you a foreign national? Are you interested in obtaining permanent resident status in the USA? If so, have we got a deal for you.

Just dump a pile of cash into an upscale real estate development which has been carefully tailored to include just a bit of “low income” housing. Then boom! Just sit back and wait for the paperwork to show up in the mail from the State Department. It is a DEAL!

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