Seattle lawmakers pass tax on highest earners; mayor eager to be sued

It should be noted that Seattle actually has a statue to Lenin on display. They should have kept the red paint on his hands. But you know – “progress.” Talk about profound idiocy.

But hey. People can move. And they likely will. So chase the poor people out by raising the minimum wage. Then chase the new money out by taxing their income. Oh and don’t forget licensing dog walkers.

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Middle ‘CRASH’: Pew says middle class ‘losing ground, falling behind financially’


This is not news to many of our readers. Of course some will blame Reagan. Some will blame NAFTA. Some will blame Obama. But fundamentally the 2 things which are driving the erosion of the middle class, as I see it, are the financialization of the economy and over regulation. (Taxation is an important factor too.)

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Hunger Games Economics: Washington Sees Incomes Soar as Most of U.S. Declines

I can tell you as one who spends a fair amount of time in Washington DC that times are good in and around the District. I’ve lived in the suburbs of the place for nearly 20 years (I can’t believe that I just wrote that) and I have never seen as many Teslas, Maseratis, Ferarris, and high end Mercedes Benzes driving down Constitution Avenue as I do now. The place isn’t littered with them, but they are pretty common. More common than in your home town it’s probably safe to say.

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