How much is Obamacare REALLY going to raise your premiums? (in most states, quite a lot) Part 2: The raw study by the Society of Actuaries

It is interesting to me how wedded some people are to the idea that Obamacare is not a crony capitalist disaster. I understand why. It is the president’s signature piece of legislation. It has long been the dream of many in this country to implement nationalized healthcare. To acknowledge that what at first appeared to be an important political victory is likely anything but, is a hard pill to swallow.

If Obamacare fails it also means that Obama fails historically,

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Obamacare: America is About to Voyage into Mind-bending Complexity

The Affordable Care Act is so complex, and according to Greg Scandlin at The National Center for Policy Analysis, so poorly written, that large pieces of Obamacare just won’t happen because they literally make no sense. (Or demand unicorns.)

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