9 places in the US where you can earn 6 figures and still feel broke

Image: BusinessInsider

Big surprise, the more crony the community the higher the cost of living. I will say that San Francisco is not really a crony city (it’s not defined by cronyism, not like DC and New York anyway), but it’s up the list a bit.

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When a quarter is actually worth $8*


I wrote this 6 years ago for The Liberty and Economics Review. My first website of any consequence. I thought our readers might enjoy reading it.

At the time we were just barely considering climbing out of the depths of the Great Recession and we were seeing a solid (though brief) bit of price inflation. This price inflation was hammered later however by the massive move down in oil prices as OPEC and the US frackers went toe to toe and drove the price of fuel down.

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What is the “Broken Window Fallacy” and why is it important to understand?

Some people just can’t see that earthquakes, hurricanes, and (I’m not joking) alien invasions (“broken windows”) just aren’t good for the economy. This is true even if people are paid to rebuild cities or paid to wage anti-Martian warfare. It’s not complicated. But some very intelligent people can not grasp this basic concept. Some still embrace the thoroughly debunked concept of the “multiplier effect” in the economy. There is no multiplier. There is redistribution. Wealth comes from innovation and ingenuity and creation and risk taking.

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Bernanke’s Japan Visit Unveils “Helicopter Money”, Sparks Monster Rally

Loaded up and on the way.

“Dolla dolla bill ya’ll…”

Or is it yen yen ya’ll?

No matter, the helicopters are in the air over Tokyo and currency is about to fall from the sky.

Watch military spending in Japan ramp up. This ought to work. We promise. This time. It’s gonna happen.

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Federal Reserve May Consider Using Helicopter Money

“I love the smell of inflation in the morning!”

Get ready folks, money from the sky is coming. Janet Yellen is warming up the chopper engines.

(From The Washington Free Beacon)

Yellen said that fiscal policy could be a very important tool in addressing weak growth or deflation.

“It’s natural that if it can be employed, that just as monetary policy is doing a lot to try to stimulate growth, that fiscal policy should play a role,” she said.

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Socialism fails yet again in Venezuela: Looting breaks out as inflation rises, bread disappears

The French Revolution (and others) was tied to hyperinflation and a shortage of wheat. When people are hungry they get desperate. There is no reason why anyone should be hungry in Venezuela. It’s a verdant country. Yet the socialists have so mismanaged the economy that even here, in a veritable Garden of Eden, people are hungry. Even here, a country which sits on massive oil reserves nearly unrivaled in the world there is not enough energy to keep the lights on.

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