Trump staffers shake up the DC lobby industry, become lobbyists

This is one of the main reasons the establishment GOP so fought Trump. K Street knew that if Hillary won there would be plenty of lucrative work for Republican lobbyists of the Bushite mold. But if Trump got in all those carefully cultivated relationships might not be as valuable as the lobbyists thought. Indeed Trump might even close the access door. Who knew?

Well, the access door has been closed on some of the old school DC wingtip types.

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This Is How Much It ‘Costs’ To Get An Ambassadorship: Guccifer 2.0 Leaks DNC ‘Pay-To-Play’ Donor List


I always thought that an ambassadorship to the Bahamas or Monaco would be a pretty sweet gig. Alas I don’t have deep enough pockets for such dreams.

Now the ambassadorship to Bangladesh? Bids are much more reasonable. Consult the DNC or RNC in Washington for more details.

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About half of retiring senators and a third of retiring House members register as lobbyists

Washington DC is a company town. In Washington money and power flow back and forth in a strange double helix of back scratching and back stabbing. We shouldn’t be surprised that people latch onto Capitol Hill. It’s a seductive place.

Willie Sutton was once asked, “Why do you rob banks?”

The reply, “Because that’s where the money is.”

A similar question could be asked of many a congress person, “Why don’t you go back to the area you once represented?

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Former Dem Senator Has Lucrative History With New Lobbyist Employers

You know you really shouldn’t feel bad when senators lose their seats (because I know you do). They never really go away. They just get their wingtips and join the ranks of lobbyist heaven on K Street. Sure the official power is gone, but the pay in the “private sector” is so much better. More often than not senators are just fine.

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House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) lavishes praise on lobbyists at lobbyist awards ceremony

I don’t know what would have been more difficult to get through, the White House Correspondent’s Dinner last weekend or the The Bryce Harlow Foundation awards dinner, which brings the heaviest hitters in Congress and on K Street together to schmooze and give awards to one another. (That’s right, Congress gives awards to lobbyists, and the lobbyists give awards to members of Congress.)

Steny Hoyer appears to be very happy to be hanging out with the Gucci gulch crowd however.

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Mining Taxpayers: Crony Capitalist Return on Investment

K Street

Influence in Washington DC is a good buy. If one has no qualms with using the state to take (legally in most cases) from taxpayers then K Street is where one wants to spend some cash. The returns, particularly of late, have been spectacular.

This is is our crony capitalist system.

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Mississippi Attorney General Dares Reporters To Find Any Evidence Of Hollywood Funding… So (TechDirt) Did

In case you haven’t been following this story, the Motion Picture Association of America, the trade group for Hollywood headed by former senator Chris Dodd, has been accused of “improperly” (that’s the right word at this point) influencing states’ attorneys general in an effort to make life hard for Google. Google, Hollywood believes, makes it too easy to find “pirated” content online. So the barons of the big screen may have been calling up buddies in AG offices around the nation to put pressure on the Internet giant.

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Hillary Clinton follows Christie to Mexico in search of Carlos Slim money

Hey, why not? It’s not like borders matter anymore anyway. So what if a foreign national is trying to influence presidential campaigns? Why should we be concerned with that? And it’s not like Slim is giving money directly to Clinton’s campaign anyway. His money has gone to her charity. So it’s all on the up and up.

So that’s Slim, Buffett, and Soros smiling at Clinton. The billionaires do love Hillary.

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Revolving door at regulator CFPB enables former bureaucrats to cash in at taxpayers’ expense

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Elizabeth Warren’s baby, and protectorate of the Federal Reserve (the Fed funds the CFPB) is graduating lobbyists left and right. This crew holds the keys to Dodd-Frank for industry and it doesn’t lend out the keys for free.

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