No, Bill Gates, We Don’t Need a Robot Tax

Of course not. Why slow innovation and the gains we will see as a society from this innovation? Yes some jobs will go away. But new ones will emerge. Likely in ways we can’t even conceptualize today.

Also a key point in this discussion is that we should fight new taxes always and everywhere. The government gets enough private money. Let’s not give it any more excuses to take the wealth of the people.

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Elizabeth Warren sets the government loose on Airbnb, despite its middle-class benefits

Photo: Tim Pierce

There is great fear of the “sharing economy” among those who cling to the more rigid economy of the past.  In this case it includes big government Dems and hotel chains.

Airbnb, Uber, and similar companies challenge the old ways of doing business. They are unleashing latent capital and helping to liberalize the economy. (Which is what the senators and hotel chains fear.) These “sharing” companies are helping to create opportunity in an economy which certainly needs opportunities.

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Competitive Capitalism at Work (PIC)

The chief reason we have witnessed miracles like the one below (and truly it is a miracle) is because unlike most industries tech has operated with minimal regulation and has remained highly competitive. In tech, success comes from out innovating one’s competitors not in getting in tight with the right politicians and regulators. (At least this has been the case though Google seems to be getting cronier by the day.)

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NY Stock Exchange Aims to Keep an Upstart at Bay, but Copy Its Technology

What if you came up with a better mousetrap? Would the world beat a path to your door as the saying goes?

What if in order to sell that mousetrap you had to get approval from the government? And what if the government had friends at the old established mousetrap company with which you wanted to compete?

What if your mousetrap technology approval was delayed by the government and then the old established mousetrap company suddenly decided it wanted to use your new mousetrap technology?

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The Dawn of Killer Robots (Full Length Video)

Tax funded terminators.

Warfare is changing very quickly. It will influence policing and all sorts of other things also.

Fundamentally robots are just tools, very sophisticated tools, but tools. The technology can be used for both good and bad.

However, it’s probably best to pay close attention to developments in this space.

Below is a video from VICE which explores where all this is going.

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How a group of neighbors created their own Internet service

More of us need to think like this. Question what is assumed. Consider whether doing it ourselves we can do a better job. This applies to Internet service, food, entertainment, energy, all sorts of things. Notice that this network was built because Orcas Island was probably an area Century Link didn’t really want to service anyway. If it was prime territory any attempt to DIY the Internet would likely have been fought by local regulators, but service likely would have been better too.

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FCC versus Your Health

Will the FCC under “Net neutrality” kill an important and promising area of innovation in medicine, “mobile medicine”?

The FCC may not kill such innovation completely but it may slow it down, likely by a lot. This is a particular shame as the people who may benefit most from “mobile medicine” are the poor and otherwise isolated and marginalized.

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How People Outpace Politicians

(From FEE)

Maybe there was a time when the political culture seemed to keep up with the pace of innovation. If so, those times are long gone. The rhetoric of electoral politics is exposing the great rift in civic life.

The tools we use every day, the technologies we love, the way we engage each other, the means by which our lives are improving are a consequences of innovation, markets, community, and globalization — that is,

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The Grateful Dead were innovators in technology and in business, fundamentally friends of liberty


After 50 years the Grateful Dead, what is left of the Dead, is calling it quits officially. The music will stop at Soldier Field on July 5th. It’s a sad moment for me as there is no other band I have enjoyed as much over the years. Really no band comes close.

One of the main reasons for this is because there is so much material to discover. There are only so many Beatles albums to appreciate.

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The Robots Are Coming

Get ready. The robotization of the workforce (and many other things) will rock the world on par with what happened with the Internet. Likely to an even greater extent, though the two technologies are closely tied of course. The coming revolution will change the way we see the world and each other. Will we make good pets or will we transcend many of the limits which shackle humanity?

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Impoverishment: America’s New Normal

An excellent article from Jack Curtis at The American Thinker.

America has stagnated. It isn’t dynamic. Government is thick and restrictive. Businesses are not being created at the rate they were in the past. 20% of households (according to the attached article) have no one working. 1 in 5 households have no workers.

A poison cocktail of fiat financialization and massive government has dripped into the American bloodstream over the last 4 decades or so.

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