Former ObamaCare official becomes top lobbyist for insurers

Good news! So do the insurance companies!

As one reader commented a few days ago, “It just doesn’t stop.”

Indeed it doesn’t. This is the culture of Washington. The big cash-in carrot is why many people go into government these days. In the warren of Washington regulation there are caches of dollars along the way. If you know where to look for them.

A tour (or multiple tours) in high level bureaucracy provides one with a nice map of potential taxpayer funded riches.

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The Health Insurer Bailout is Headed Your Way

All the big health care insurance stocks are up big over the last year. (And continue to be.) What does that tell you? Source: Yahoo Finance

There are a few winners in Obamacare. Very few, but they do exist. If one has an extreme medical condition it is easier to get insurance now. (Sort of.) The health insurers, in partnership with the federal government are also winners.  (At least in the short to medium term.) They now have access to a pool of taxpayer subsidized potential policy holders who were not part of the market before.

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Insurance companies “absolutely” will be bailed out. It’s written into the Obamacare law (Video)

I have to say that the first part of the clip is smarmy. It’s about as bad as anything on MSNBC. But once past the anchors Byron York explains that the taxpayers are on the hook yet again. The losses which the insurance companies will incur because of the ham handed stumble-out of Obamacare will be paid for by you and me. It was written into the law long ago.

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Obama Admin Using “Honor System” to Hand Out Obamacare Subsidies (No payment system has been built for the insurance companies yet!) Video

Obamacare’s a mixture of both.


Everybody is supposed to just muddle through because the Obama administration insisted on starting Obamacare before people realized how bad it was. Now we know, but the administration thinks it can keep the program alive because the ball is (barely) rolling. (And which way?)

Now the insurers are supposed to issue policies without the promised subsidies because there is no way for the government to pay the insurers in Obamacare.

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Did Obama just usher in the first real move toward smaller government in decades with the Obamacare fiasco?

It’s far too soon to tell. The overwhelming trend over the last 70 years has been toward increased statism and an expanded system of crony capitalism. But we are witness to an amazing change in the political winds. Just a month ago Democrats were declaring victory over having ended the partial government shutdown. Today there isn’t much crowing going on.

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Obama reinterprets Obamacare so Congress doesn’t have to pay for its health insurance, A list of companies and unions with Obamacare exemptions

Well let’s see. The doctors are leaving in droves because of Obamacare. The IRS doesn’t want Obamacare for its employees even though that agency will administer it, Congress just got an exemption from Obamacare from the president, hundreds of politically connected companies and unions have gotten exemptions, the Teamsters have warned that Obamacare threatens the middle class, the law is so complex that an army of “navigators”

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Democrats Defy White House on Obamacare, Vote Against Individual and Employer Mandates

The president doesn’t have the authority to just delay the employer mandate part of Obamacare. He can’t just say (as he did) “OK we’ll move it back another year because things are so screwed up.” The law states that it is supposed to go into effect on October 1st 2013.

The GOP in the House offered to make Obama’s decree legal by passing a law delaying the employer mandate. This is what one does in a country which is supposed to be under the rule of law.

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