Keynes Must Die

Indeed he must. As Hunter Lewis the co-founder of Against Crony Capitalism has said, Keynesianism is the mother of crony capitalism as we know it. Keynesian economic theory gives intellectual cover to politicians and social theoreticians who want to spend the money of a society anyway. It is an excuse. It is a cult. It is destructive and it is obviously, especially as we see at this late date, as the world slowly succumbs to its ever growing debt burden,

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The Fed wants to see what happens if it moves to negative interest rates

It wants to see via a “stress test” of banks. But even with the Fed raising a quarter point recently, so called liftoff, the general trend globally is in the opposite direction. Japan just moved to negative rates. There are smatterings of negative rates to be found throughout Europe. Canada is playing with the idea of negative rates.

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George Soros Sees Crisis in Global Markets That Echoes 2008

I’m not a big fan of Mr. Soros generally but he is a guy one should pay attention to on international financial matters. It’s no small thing when he says we might be looking at another 2008-like crisis. Though Soros has made big mistakes in the past.

Regardless of what Mr. Soros says, from looking at the headlines the man made storm, the central bank created storm, appears to be picking up steam. Today should be an interesting one in the markets for sure.

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The Big Short, the Fed, and the Market

If you want to know what happened in 2008, I mean really want to know, read this excellent (and short) book.

I haven’t seen the movie yet but I might over the weekend. One of the reasons I haven’t seen it yet is because I have heard that it pounds on the same old (false) reasons for the 2008 Crash, that being that somehow the market “failed.” That “greed” was the culprit, etc. etc. It’s what most people believe.

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A Free Market in Interest Rates

Gold is real power in the hands of people. This is the main reason central banks, Marx, Lenin, Keynes and many other “planners” throughout history have hated it. The “barbarous relic.” A tool of the petty bourgeoisie. Kind of like guns in the hands of the citizenry, gold has served as a check on the excesses of those in power. Gold flows have historically impacted rates of interest. Those who would prefer to set rates of interest themselves however, find gold very inconvenient.

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A Furious Ralph Nader Calls Out The Fed As “Tribune To Plutocratic, Crony Capitalism”; Janet Yellen Responds

We have a few really liberal (the American “modern” kind) favorites and Ralph Nader is one of them.

We like him not because he agrees with us on everything, he certainly doesn’t, but he has a moral compass. He has a deeply developed sense of right and wrong. This is something too many in the political world both on the Left and Right simply do not have.

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The Fed is never going to raise rates (?), Economy facing headwinds from overseas, Job participation rate 38 year low

As we’ve said China is driving things economically right now. The Federal Reserve doesn’t want to say it. It wants everyone to think that though our boat is leaking it is unlikely to leak as much as the rest of the the world’s economic “boats.” And right now that may be true. But we are still taking on water. The Great Economic Experiment post 2008 is failing, as many of the more market oriented have long predicted, and now the American central bank has very few options.

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