Lawrence Lessig: Democratic debates ignore cronyism

As we’ve said before, Lawrence Lessig is one of our favorite liberals. He’s right on up there with Ralph Nader in my book. We may not agree on some very important things but we do agree on many. Lessig has been a stalwart champion of liberty on the Net (even if we disagree with him on Net neutrality) and he is, can you believe it, principled. What a concept!

And he is dead on. Crony capitalism should be a front and center issue in the Democratic debates.

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Judge Napolitano: Orwellian ‘Net Neutrality’ Anything But Neutral “The next step would be to regulate content.”

“I am your new administrator. I am here to keep things fair.”

The Internet is the freest place on earth and it is awesome. I’ve been using it now for over 20 years (that is crazy, my dad for nearly 40 – no kidding) and I still catch myself thinking what a miracle it is. It is a revolution. It is the printing press cubed. And it scares the HELL out of the establishment.

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White House Pushes Chinese Style Internet ID For Web Users (Video)

Passwords are too easy to hack we are told. Much better to have a government issued Internet ID one must sign in with every time one logs on. Much better to have the government issue a license to access information.

One password to rule them all.

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Obama nominates Pro-SOPA lobbyist to lead Trans Pac Partnership talks

Remember SOPA? The hiddeous beast of a bill sponsored by Hollywood which sought to jam the file content sharing genie back in the bottle? The bill that the whole Internet world rose up against and forced the politicians to back down on? Remember that? Well one of the lobbyists who headed the effort to severely restrict the Internet so that the media companies could cling to their outdated business models has now been nominated by Obama to head the effort in the secret (to us –

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US Government Comes Down Hard On 3D Printed Guns, The World Has Changed.

Last year we predicted the next great battle between the online public and the government would be around 3D printing. Now the battle is here courtesy of the US State Department and Senator Schumer.

3D printing is a massively disruptive technology. Sure, one can print a gun with this technology but one can build a gun if one really wants to from materials at a hardware store. “Zip guns” which are made from everyday industrial materials have been around since the gun was invented.

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“The role of the US intelligence community is to protect the United States from military threats, not to provide corporate welfare to the private sector.” – Ron Paul

CISPA (the “cyber security bill” currently being kicked around Congress) is a dangerous piece of legislation. Like SOPA before it, which was defeated by the sheer deluge of opposition from the public, it seeks to hand ultimate control over important parts of the Internet to the federal government and would also allow the government to monitor whatever communication over the Internet that it wishes without a warrant or judicial oversight.

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