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Obamanet Shows Its Fangs

This is from June but illustrates nicely the gaming which becomes standard practice once an industry becomes “highly regulated.”

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Chicago to Apply 9% ‘Netflix Tax’

Again, I ask. Why does anyone live in these cities? The governments are corrupt. They are violent. They are crowded. They are dirty. They are running out of money. They are dysfunctional. They are expensive. And yet people stay.

There are highways. You can leave. I don’t have much sympathy if you stick around and let the local government just abuse you.

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Goodlatte Predicts $11 Billion In New Taxes, Fees From Net’s New Rules (It’s really about Net CONTROL)

I’ll bet that when all is said and done “Net neutrality” will result in a lot more than $11 billion in new taxes. The directive from the FCC constitutes a federal “virtual land grab.”  Too much goes on in the free and open Internet for the government’s liking. The Feds want a piece of it and to ultimately control it. Control the Internet and the information traveling on it and one can institute things like the anti-free speech “Fairness Doctrine.”  And probably, eventually much worse things.

Yet many Internet freedom folks still consider “Net neutrality” a win.

Do you really think that a proposal which comes from this White House is actually about EXPANDING the conversation? Do you really think this president wants FREER information?

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Guess what, Netflix doesn’t like “Net neutrality” after all

Well thanks Netflix. We’re stuck with this new regulatory regime thanks in large part to you. It sure would have been helpful if you had made your real feelings known (or had thought things through sufficiently) before the bureaucrats descended on our beloved Net. Sure would have been nice if you, the creators of House of Cards with its loyal, politically engaged fan base said something before the virtual land grab. Would have been nice. But it’s too late now.

Guess we have to hope for the best in the courts.

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At the very least we should be able to see the new ‘Net neutrality’ rules

We should be able to see the rules before things start happening officially. I think we’ve all had enough of the “we’ll find out what’s in it when it goes into effect” bit. If there is nothing of concern in the rules then the FCC and the administration need not worry. The public generally is pro “net neutrality” (though most, including many people making decisions in Washington, don’t really have a good grasp of the concept). So it might be an easy win.

We have been generally critical of the administration’s push.

But whatever side of the issue I think everyone can agree that seeing the rules, letting the public vet the rules, before they go into effect would be a good thing to do. Let’s hope Chairman Wheeler is listening.

Why would the administration want to keep the rules secret?

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Dish used “small business” discount to save $3 billion at taxpayer expense (during airwave auction)

It’s unclear that Dish actually cost the US taxpayers anything. (Was it an actual subsidy which was applied to the 2 bids in question or was it only a discount.)  It appears that the company may have just done a good job of reading the rules and structuring their bids in an advantageous way.

This however may still be crony capitalism as it is only the big guys like Dish who have the money to navigate the regulatory labyrinth of course. It is definitely crony capitalism if Dish in any way lobbied for the small business “loop hole” or if taxpayers somehow helped finance the “small business” spectrum bids.

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CISPA is back, Corporations and government sharing your data with each other. What could be better?

(From Cispaisback.org)

This marks the third time Congress is trying to pass the bill to allow corporations to share our personal data with governments loosely. In addition, the 2015 version of CISPA would create a data sharing program between the Department of Homeland Security, Director of National Intelligence, and Secretary of Defense, with no accountability measures outside of their own agencies. Not only that, but any data shared would be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

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How China locks down social media (Other countries are taking notes)

6 Years ago while watching a video of Ron Paul on Youtube and while reading a fairly sophisticated debate below the video on the nuances of Austrian economic theory I was hit with a bolt of lightning. Social media was about to revolutionize everything. I soon founded a tiny company which specializes in developing social media strategies.

But just 6 short years ago social media was still a fairly tough sell to businesses. It’s hard to imagine but just a few years ago Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pintrest, Instagram, and the rest generally weren’t seen as important to almost anyone in the non-tech business world. There was some understanding of social media’s power, but most couldn’t see how vital it would become for pretty much everything. Just 6 years ago.

Fast forward to today and now everyone sees social media’s power including the enemies of information exchange. In the attached article The New York Times examines one such enemy, China’s social media commissar, Lu Wei, and he is not playing around.

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What’s really behind the so called “net neutrality” push? Part of it is Netflix versus Comcast

I like Netflix as much as the next guy. Great shows. Pretty good movies for the most part. It’s a good company which delivers a high quality product at a reasonable price. And House of Cards which is produced by Netflix is a favorite in my house.

But people should be aware that the president’s recent pronouncement in support of “net neutrality” has a long back story. A giant part of this story is Netflix and by extension the entertainment industry not wanting to pay for overwhelming ISP networks.

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Putin wants to wall off the Internet

It’s good to remember that this guy is a big big government autocrat and a veteran of the KGB. The entire country is a cleptocacy and compliance to the Putin Plan is requisite for pretty much everyone.

The Great Internet Wall of China has proven moderately effective at best. Millions of people break through it daily. Russia, home of many highly talented hackers would probably have the same problem.

Isn’t it interesting how the powers that be, whether in Moscow, Beijing, London, or Washington are so concerned about the flow of information? Information itself is a threat. The truth is a threat.

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