Virginia Gov. (Clinton ‘friend’, and former head of the DNC) Terry McAuliffe under federal investigation for campaign contributions

Well, let’s hope justice (whatever it is one way or the other) is done in the Commonwealth of Virginia. My sweet home. Did we mention that Terry McAuliffe is the former head of the Democratic National Committee and a close friend of the Clintons? Did we mention that the Governor has a long history of questionable dealings to say the least, including cashing in big just before one of the biggest bankruptcies in corporate history? Did we mention that McAuliffe is originally from Syracuse,

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IRS Admits: We Haven’t Bothered to Search For Lois Lerner’s “Missing” Emails

Somebody please tell me how this is so? Not why it’s so. I think we all know that. But how, after all this time, after all the attention, that no one at the IRS has tried to find Learner’s emails?

This stinks to the stratosphere.

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Super Crony John Podesta “to lead a comprehensive review of big data and privacy”

Podesta, Bill Clinton’s right hand man at one point was brought in by Obama to save his floundering administration. Podesta’s a clean up guy, a head knocker. He is as partisan as they come, having recently headed the extremely statist organization, The Center for American Progress, which is funded to a large extent by by everyone’s favorite billionaire, George Soros.

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